[Resolved] Bug in delve "Primal Rift"

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When doing delve in Primal rift the Mythic room doesn’t allow me acces.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Was the first time something like that happened to me

Steps to make it happen again
Play delve Primal Rift?

This is an old bug from when they changed the layout. If you run away, it will be fixed for all future fights.

I think for this current run, you may be able to access the boss room by beating the middle Legendary room?

If I remember correctly it happens when you started a fight with the old layout but didnt complete it. If you go back and completed it after the change you got the bug.

Yes – I just mean that even with the bug, it may be possible to finish the run rather than run away and lose the sigil (you just need to take the new pathway, via the middle Legendary room):

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