[Not a bug] Mirrored Halls delve/deep delve identical layout

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I expected normal delve and deep delve not to be the same, obviously.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Constantly, Sherlock.

Steps to make it happen again
Ermm…I don’t know…try playing delves in Mirrored Halls maybe?

Well, wonderful team, this is a new low even for your rather low standards.
On second thoughts, though, Bug Reports might be wrong category for this thread - after looking more closely I notice that the outline in the background is slightly altered so it might count as two distinct delve layouts, therefore - deliberate design choice.
To be honest, one might even be understanding and supportive towards you putting this amount of effort into designing those new maps with Deep Delves in general being the rags-to-riches success story that they are.


Well, it might have been intentional to fit the mirror theme. However, that could have been conveyed better by mirroring the layout vertically, so the entrance is on the right side and the boss room on the left side.

I wonder what the difference is in regards to room content. Middle room is legendary instead of epic for the deep delve map?


I can confirm your point of a legendary in room 2 in this alternate map. Everything else swiches like normal but I’ve only went through 12 total samples

Here’s one that I’m on right now in the regular delve

And the deep delve further confirms everything

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It ought to happen sooner or later: faction’s deep scheme repeats its regular one. Just for this faction so far (for Frostfire Keep schemes will differ).

Agreed. It’s even literally the same background image between the two as far as I can tell (note the background patterns surrounding each room). I agree that flipping the map horizontally seems like a better way to show that this is the Deep map, even if it’s topologically identical.


Hello :slight_smile:

Thank you for the screencaptures.

This is not a bug, as from your images provided, the two maps are different, even if the base layout looks deceiving.

That said, I can make a Quality of Life request to the development team to take into consideration for the Mirrored Halls to show a bit more deviation between maps. :slight_smile:


Namely, the final boss room is shaped differently.