[Tech Issue] Bug in Stonesong Eyrie Delve

Steam version, 4.8.0r19753, Windows 10

Expected to collect delve chest after beating boss room. Instead, it then showed that only the initial room had been beaten. It was in Stonesong Eyrie Level 380. I beat the Intro Room, then IV-Buried Graveyard, then the Boss Room. Then, instead of showing the delve chest to collect, I was given the option of running away to collect a level 1 delve chest. Both the Buried Graveyard and the Boss Room showed as if I hadn’t fought them yet. I had to fight Buried Graveyard again (or I could have chosen a different path at this point) before I was allowed to attack the Boss Room a second time. So, instead of fighting 3 battles to complete the delve, I was forced to fight 5.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
This was the only time I’ve encountered this issue.

Steps to make it happen again

Hey I’ve checked your account logs for just befor eyou wrote to us.

The data submitted to the game server shows you completed:
1st run in 4 battles
2nd run in 3 battles
3rd run in 3 battles

No errors were logged.

Did you get any error messages, or have any lag or connection issues when this happened?
Which run did the error happen in?

I didn’t receive any error messages. It was like two battles never happened. I think it was the second run. After beating the delve in 3 battles, I was forced to replay the last two battles. It all worked out, since I won eventually, and I haven’t seen the glitch repeated.

Hey, it sounds like there was a problem with your game contacting the game server to update so the next time it did connect with the game server your game updated to the server information which hadn’t logged the battles you’d done. Usually this comes with an error message though that says you’re not in sync.

If this happens again please let us know.

Okay, thanks!