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[Fixed] Primal Rift room unlock bug

Platform, device version and operating system:
Android, Samsung S9 / Steam, PC

Screenshot or image:

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
Boss room should be unlocked after my path. Instead the second V room is unlocked.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Happened the first time and I surely wont try again, because this is a faction only lvl 500 run.

Steps to make it happen again
Maybe someone of the community wants to find out, if this happens to everybody or just me. I wont cancel my run for obvious reasons.


That is a seriously weird screenshot you posted. Here’s what I see when I start a Primal Rift run:

My mythic and legendary rooms are not in the same place as yours are.

This suggests you need to beat the first legendary room to unlock the boss room, since that is how you would do it on the normal map.

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Wow, now that’s something. I just checked a few YouTube-Videos and they all show the boss room on the lower right side, like in my screenshot.

And I get a normal V team in the preview of the room that is playable. So what has changed and … why?

Mine looks like yours Chyll.

EDIT: Steam/Android

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Here’s what I see on Android:

Same on PC.

Same bug.

I wonder if it matters that I started this run weeks ago. I left it untouched because I didn’t feel like trying another faction-only run. Did it get bugged in the meantime?

The boss room is definitely supposed to be in the bottom right; that’s how it’s always been.

New faction team strategy: wait for the boss room to migrate to the first room of the delve.


@Voq That might be it. I also started the run several weeks ago.

Still dont get how a map layout can get messed up in such a weird way. Guess we have to wait for an official answer. But I fear my run will not survive whatsoever.


For the sake of science:

But of course my team got reduced down to 2 green golems.

Never heard anything about a map layout change. But it would fit to replace a lvl 3 room with a lvl 5 room. Delves are way too easy anyways …

EDIT 2: No mentions of a map layout change since 4.3. patch notes. Also nothing to find here on the forums. Maybe mentioned on stream? Or a complete ninja nerf.

The devs recently changed the room layout.

I wasn’t able to find the thread where they said as much, but Kafka will probably be here sometime and mark this as “Not a Bug” (and maybe get mad at us for discussing on a bug thread even though it’s also been said in the past that player responses can suffice as help, which is one of the justifications given for devs no longer responding directly to bug reports :man_shrugging:)


I had some free time and was able to recreate the bug. Also with a pure faction team; wasn’t actually expecting to get this far. I’ve cleared the bottom path, so the boss room should be unlocked. I guess I’ll sit on this delve and wait for an update.

Edit: This is a run that I started several months ago.

I made screenshots of all factions some time ago, and Primal Rift was just like you show, the final room is in the bottom right corner, definitely not the rightmost. But I must say that the updated variant is more logical.

Hey folks, this will happen if you started the Primal Rift Delve run quite awhile ago, you shouldn’t have this problem if you start a fresh one.

@Magnusimus these posts are all on topic and helpful to the bug report so not a problem :slight_smile:


As the OP id like to say: Thanks for reacting. I am a little sad, that I cannot follow up the change aka could have known before. But a lost daily sigil … weil, not gonna lose my happiness about it.

In case anyone else is still in this situation (started the delve before the layout change), I can confirm that beating the center “V” room unlocks the mythic room (instead of the rightmost “V” room).

@SirCookie sounds like you haven’t played Primal Rift since after we fixed this bug, next time you start a Primal Rift Delve it will be correct.

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