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Requirement for Team synergy

I think it’s unfair that a player who had not worked for team synergy gets it as soon as they enter a guild that has it. I think it should be some form of requirement that they have to do in order for them to get it. A certain amount of gold, seals and trophpies. Agree or disagree.

Guild… team synergy…?
What game are you playing?

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As far as I can think of, the only “team synergy” you can get from a guild is sharing team info with other guild members…there is no inherent synergy from simply joining. You’d get bonuses from statues, and you’d get keys/rewards from task completion, but that’s it unless I’m missing something.

I think the OP means the “team synergy” achievement/thophy, which triggered by completing all the 72 basic tasks, I think.

To OP idea, I kinda agree. But for getting in the guild that finish all their tasks in the first place, they often have those requirement agreement before you can enter. If you only there for the achievement, you will get kick out soon enough, which is not worth it in long run.

So, I think more requirement for this achievement is not necessary.


Begrudging someone else for getting something that has no detrimental effect on you whatsoever reflects poorly on you as a person.


So this is obvious the way you got team synergy donut. I earned it. That’s why i feel the way i feel. Nothing more nothing less.

There is nothing to be solved on your “issue”.
You and your guildmates already got the rewards from all tasks before the new member arrived, he can’t get anything of those rewards. That’s a rather bigger loss than what he/she is gaining.

You should voice your concern with your Guildmates and Guildmaster and not try to enforce an unnecessary “fix” in the whole game.

Yes that’s what I’m talking about Timeknight

Oooook can we just stick with ‘I agree’ or ‘I disagree’ and state your reason why.

I disagree with the OP. This whole thing is pretty small potatoes.

For guilds that routinely jump the hurdle, anyone joining the guild presumably belongs to be there. If not, it is a problem with the GM not screening their recruits adequately. For any guild that has to save and coordinate to do it, it’s the same thing. Anyone that doesn’t “deserve” to be there, shouldn’t be.

Maybe some trophy-whore managed to sneak into a guild where they didn’t belong, but that doesn’t mean that the devs need to waste time re-coding this achievement. It’s just a PSN trophy. Big whoop.


Thank you Stan. It’s a achievement he had not earned and should not get unless he puts in the work.

Every other trophy is an individual achievement. That one is for a collective achievement. If you are in a guild that completes all the tasks, everyone gets the trophy. I don’t expect everyone to make an equal contribution to a team result.

Case in point: My guild saved up for weeks to be able to earn that trophy a few months ago. People were so excited that rather than waiting for everyone to donate 550,000, people emptied their vaults and by the time I even logged in that day, all the tasks were done. I was ready to donate up to 1,000,000 gold that day but didn’t get a chance due to living in a western time zone and sleeping during reset. Would you say I didn’t “deserve” it?

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Truthfully yes i would say you don’t. But that is something different from what I’m talking about. You was already in the guild. I’m talking about fresh recruits.

I don’t think anything has to change in GoW for this. I think it’s a small issue and while I don’t like to judge, I think sometimes people take the concept of “achievement” a little too seriously. Having the achievement, or how you obtained it, has absolutely nothing to do with progress in the game. Save your concepts of “honor” and “valor” for things in real life like treating other people with respect. Don’t tie your self-worth to a video game.

I do think it’s a sign that this is a dumb design for achievements and that future achievements should avoid it. Achievements are merit badges awarded for players who do something. Designing an achievement such that other players can accomplish the achievement for you is weird and leads to forum posts like this one.

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Cooperative achievements aren’t bad, cooperating doesn’t means that everyone should do the same work, it can have a subjetive perspective such as “Everyone should do their best.”

I’m happy for being in my guild where i can contribute as low as 300k gold if i’m at a busy week just as well as i can contribute with 2 millions during good weeks.


Disagree because speaking quite frankly, I find this concern to be so petty as to border on ludicrous.


Every achievement is arbitrary set of conditions and this one’s set of conditions is that you be in a guild that has completed all tasks. That you can fulfill the condition simply by joining a guild that has already completed the tasks really makes no difference to me. I’ve seen far far more arbitrary things considered as achievements.


Thanks Mithran

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Even horses can have opinions

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I think we could go around and around on it.

I don’t mind there being cooperative things, but I think psychology around what “achievements” are makes people tend to think they aren’t collaborative things. Like many things in GoW some rewording could make it clear. If the achievement is “Be in a clan that has completed all guild tasks.” then it’s clear your individual contribution isn’t as important as the aggregate accomplishment. But if the achievement is “Complete all guild tasks”, that sounds more like an expensive personal journey.

Kind of like how it’s not always clear if “taking damage” means “armor and life” or “just life”, and players are less confused if it’s always stated without ambiguity.

That said, I don’t think I’ve ever looked at the Game Center achievements so I don’t really have skin in the game. I’m more interested in how people tend to psychologically treat these.

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