Recruitment for all guild task achievement "Team Synergy"

We are searching for players on the xbox one that are willing to help us with collecting the necessary 15.66mill for the achievement “Team Synergy”. If you want it send me your invite code we have 1 spot left at the moment.

We need the members to safe up your gold and keeping us informed how much they got through guildchat.
As soon as we got the 15.66mill as guild we gonna furfill the achievement.

The more members we got and saving gold the less everyone need to collect. We now have around the 12mill so all the help is welcome.



Are you still recruiting? I’d be interested in joining. Thanks!

I’d be interested. My code is: MAX ROCKATANSKY_DNX3

yes we’re still recruiting if you send me your invite code ill send you as soon as possible an invite

check your mail in the game guild named The Creed. if your in keep me updated through guildchat how much gold you have collected so we can keep track how much we already have…

ok when you are in the guild safe up your money till we got the 15.66mill as a guild together. also keep us informed through the guildchat how much you got that way we know when we hit the targeted gold.

check the guildchat en quit spending your gold at the moment. safe it up till we got the 15.66mill together for the achievement.

Thanks for the ad and info. I haven’t seen this layout for the guilds yet, so to make sure I understand correctly, those levels 1-10 for each color reset each week?
I’ll just keep saving up my gold then. I can accumulate gold pretty well.

Thanks again!

its 1-12 actually, but that not important :wink:. But yes they reset every monday and will me brought to 0 again. thats the reason it’s a bit of a drag to do this achievement for smaller and lesser guilds but i try to find people that are willing to help. not like other guilds that only demanding things and want it every week. so even if it takes is some time we will get it.

still recruiting for this? sitting at 200k gold

I’d hop in if you’d take me. My code is SILVR_DSTK and only have about 115k gold, but I’ve been spending and donating it in previous guilds which if I was to do this can start saving and building up.

Thanks! =D

Hey guys,

I’ve been looking for a guild to get into for this purpose. I don’t have much right now, about 15K, but I’m willing to grind up a bunch of gold and keep you guys informed on guild chat for as long as it takes us. I’d really appreciate the chance to be a part of this. Invite code is DEFIANCE.


yes we are send me your invite code and ill invite ya to our guild

i have invited you. Welcome and please use the guildchat to keep us posted

i have invited you. Welcome and please use the guildchat to keep us posted…

As a bit of an Achievement hunter myself, I Just wanted to say “good luck”. I hope you keep the guild active afterwards.

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Thnx Strat. the guild lives already more than a year now so we shall see :wink:

your invite code does not exist. so says the game

sorry, Lyledriver_UM9U