Guild Managers and ToD

If a member is leaving your guild after ToD to join another guild. The member made Requirements, and your guild is going to finish in the top 10. Do you let that member stay until after reset to get the rewards they helped earn?
Do you just suck?

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I don’t get why you posted this?? Sounds like a problem for the guild and people in question. Don’t see how posting here is going to help ya.

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To hear from other managers to understand if I’m alone in thinking people should get the rewards they earned. Regardless of whether they intend to leave the guild or not…

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I’d let them collect. It was a courtesy just to give the heads up for intent to leave—which allows you to recruit and have a replacement ready to go, rather than just a surprise empty spot on Monday.


Exactly. And if people get punished for doing the right thing, they’ll stop doing the right thing. So another reason to post this topic is…
A clear message to those GM who don’t let players get the rewards. The player did the right thing. By you choosing to do the wrong thing only hurts the community.
This is (at least) the second time the guild who inspired this post has partook in such shannigans. So if I was in that guild…I wouldn’t tell the GM of my intentions.

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The family of guilds I belong to have always let people who notify us they’re leaving stay to collect the rewards they helped the guild earned - for every event including GW. We’ve never had an issue with a replacement not being willing to wait until after weekly reset to join us either as long as it’s clear to them they have the spot and the reason for the wait.

I felt bad for one of our most recent recruits who had a similar issue happen to them GW week and was happy for them when the person leaving up & left before reset so he was able to collect our rewards since he couldn’t get his own.

That is a pretty crappy way to treat someone…


I agree that they should be allowed to collect their rewards. But the GM who will boot somebody beforehand is not a GM who will give a damn about your opinion.


I say let them stay and collect the rewards. The rewards ain’t nothing too be impressed with on TOD thou. But that’s the right thing to do.

So what do u guys do in GW Week?
When U know some how someone on you’re Guild is gonna mess it up for the rest.

Do u 1 kick. so u have time too recruit?
Or 2. Take the chance and hoping they do their part?

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It has occurred to me that someone got booted from your guild during the last iteration of ToD - but I guess there’s always a good reason when you’re the one doing the booting. :joy:

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True or false I don’t care any drama is worth watching :rofl:

Personally I don’t care about gm or no gm. You can’t be a gm without the rest of the guild. And what does a gm do extra apart from recruiting :thinking: personally in game where the rewards are based on RNG I only care about myself if the guild or the gm is poo and lazy then I leave without notice on Monday straight after collecting my rewards. Kicking someone from guild before collecting rewards when they are clearly not freeloaders make you look like you need to put everything down and and go outside and get some fresh air and reconnect with reality. Most your guildys came from a guild that don requires gold in which they had a chance to lvl their kingdoms before moving to higher bracket guild without notifying anyone. At the end of the day this just a game in 5-10years we won’t even remember each other not sure why care now :wink:

See, buddy, you’re asking a subjective question, so you can’t just tack on “you’re wrong if you do this”.

The answer is “you do whatever you want”. One is nicer to the person who did some work for you. One isn’t. One tells people who join your guild you care about helping them feel rewarded. The other tells people you’re more interested in “getting back” people who leave for whatever reason (most likely “fragile ego”).

Just like people will pee in a bottle and eat one meal a day to keep a job, some people will put up with anything to be in a prestigious guild. Others hear stories like this and stay the hell away. It’s not like there aren’t 59 other very high-ranked guilds.

So now you contemplate if you make an aloof, casual reply to pretend like you were joking in the first post and that it’s DEFINITELY not the case you’d let a member meet your requirements without giving them the rewards out of a sense of revenge.
People think you suck.

No ‘or’. You can’t shake the devil’s hand then say you’re only kidding.

Discord is a Requirement in AWR. So someone leaving the guild server is not making Requirements. :grinning:

A literal :poop: ton if they are a great GM.

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That’s a great question for a different thread. :grinning:

Enlighten me please. From my experience and I am in top 10 guild I don’t see anything gm do that’s extra apart from recruiting in which most guildys do it. Advice on what troops to use is all over global most people that scout Dooms are not GM and i haven’t met anyone in top 100 that needed to be managed yet . I totally understand the effort and the pride any GM had to go thru to reach where they at atm and the frustration of loyalty but at the end of the day everyone looks for their own interests including you and me :wink:

Don’t assume so much. If you aren’t a GM then you have no clue what it’s like to be a GM. Otherwise, I decline to list the things that I do besides “Recruit”.

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Darn it! I knew there was a catch-22 somewhere! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Oh so it sounds like you didn’t include all of the information in the first post. The OP made it sound like they met requirements. I have a lot less sympathy for someone who didn’t, and I actually do consider “be part of Discord” a more important requirement than some of the in-game ones.

But why ask a question about a scenario if you’re not going to show all the information? The situation now is completely different than it was in OP, even if (as it seems) you were being tongue-in-cheek about the Discord requirement.

Or you could just not assume to know more than you actually know.
And go by literally was written in the OP.
Considering the forums are pretty strict about call out posts. So I gave as much detail as I could. But what else could possibly matter?
It’s wrong to kick people who earned rewards before they were Rewarded to them.
They are only able to kick them because the player is corteous enough to give the GM a heads up about leaving.

TL:DR…I don’t like it when players are punished for doing the right thing. No more details require than that. 🤷