Change request about Steam achievement

The requirement for the achievement “Team Synergy” was and is to finish all guild tasks within one week. With the latest update, this has become much, much harder to reach. While I am lucky enough to have it unlocked long ago, new players aren’t.
I would ask to change this into completing all basic guild tasks (not including epic ones) to keep it on its original level.

P.S.: Also you seriously should consider to lower the requirements on the new achievement “Try that, Geoff”. Getting hundred units to golden medal level is just absurd, and whenever I see it, I am tempted to simply cheat me back to the 100% completion, I legitimately reached several times before.


Moral quandaries of “cheating to unlock an accomplishment” aside.
How would you be able to “cheat your way” into fully enhancing 100 troops? :thinking:

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Not talking about ingame cheating, but there are ways to unlock achievements on Steam without actually fulfilling the conditions (At games, where achievements are broken on a technical level and the developer has gone missing or declared to be unwilling to fix or remove them, I don’t even feel bad about using such tools, when I have reached the requirements, but so far I’ve not done this trick in any other case).

Well, shortly after opening this thread, I stumbled upon the very active one about the new achievement, so I’d say, before things get redundant here, let’s rather focus on the first part - the achievement to clear all guild tasks.