We need new Steam achievements

When the game first launched, with 23 Steam achievements, some were considered a challenge; it was impossible to get the 100 troops achievement when there weren’t even 100 troops in the game yet. :slightly_smiling: The game has now expanded sufficiently to have more achievements for the higher-level players. Such things as:

  • 150 troops
  • 200 troops
  • level any troop to 15
  • level any troop to 20
  • ascend 10 times
  • ascend 100 times
  • ascend 200 times
  • level any kingdom to 10
  • level 20 kingdoms to 10
  • advance any kingdom to five-star power
  • unlock all traits on a troop
  • attain hero level 500
  • attain hero level 1000
  • earn 1000 trophies
  • earn 5000 trophies
  • complete 10 guild tasks
  • complete 100 guild tasks
  • win 10 consecutive PvP matches
  • win 50 consecutive PvP matches
  • win 100 consecutive PvP matches
  • win 8 consecutive Arena matches
  • open a vault in a treasure map
  • spend 1000 gems
  • spend 5000 gems
  • win a PvP match against a dev

I am sure other players will have their own suggestions.


I like that you’ve done some proper thought on this, rather than I have: “there should be a few more” :wink:

With your “advance any kingdom to 5 star” you could step that out with an achievement for each star, because they really do feel like an achievement.
At least, for me, who only have single gold star kingdoms.

Some of those tasks, such as spending gems and earning trophies, I would hope to be retroactive.

I have been trying to get them to add more for over a year now. I don’t believe it is likely to happen anytime soon, if ever.

I’m bumping this thread in the wake of the 1.0.9 update. Chat channels are nice to have and all that, but I want my 10M Steam followers to see how badly I’ve pwned the level 1000s!

Yes. I am highly in favor of adding more achievements to it. Adding over 100, more than half of which are fairly easy (get a legend, get a kingdom to level 10, etc.), could generate interest among achievement hunters. It will bring back people who have 100% in the game as well as new people looking to pad their achievements with relatively easy targets for “free” *(achievement hunters would at minimum go for the $5 starter pack). It would also give us dedicated players on Steam random goals with no in game effect to the economy. You could even intergrate the achievements crossplatform, but that would assumably take over 2x as much work.


we need more achievments :slight_smile:

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300 troops, version 3.0 is coming, that should mean 300 Steam achievements. I have games in my library with over 1000 achievements, c’mon devs, let’s pick up the pace!

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