Global Achievements on Steam? Why don't we have more

Like all kingdoms to 10th level
Reached 500
Kingdoms with Stars
Winning PVP
Winning GW?

I have the 23 and then they stopped coming.

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Some of those were added to console trophies and achievements. Others included complete all guild tasks for the week, complete the weekly event (be it maps or explore/PvP hunting), pull Mongo, etc. Surprised they weren’t added to Steam yet.

I think it’s not often appreciated in Steam when achievements get added up later. Esp. when they originally were easy to achieve and in a reasonable time.
There are a lot of people who do the 100% and then quit the game. Don’t know if such groups (there are even sites with lists and ranks about Steam achievement hunters) exist for other platforms too.

those achievement that you suggest are not really a big thing. its natural way that palyer follow, simply growing collection and kingdoms. I feel like achivements should strech players to do special things, doing battles that you would never consider to fight, hit exact amount of moves in treasure hunting etc.

challenging achievements Yay!, another boring achievemnts Nay!

I think the achievements are pretty good right now. Level 100 takes a fair amount of play but it’s nothing too egregious. I think that lures a lot of people in then they end up sticking around after they get 100% b/c they realize it’s a great game. If you keep adding them and make them really out of reach then I think it will stop drawing in new players.

The reasoning is that we are trying to get achievements consistent between all the different platforms. So we’re currently laying the ground work so we can add more achievements in the future on all platforms.


Thank you @Nimhain for your answer.

Please don’t add the achievement were have to get 2 vaults on treasure hunt !!! Like impossible achievement

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For a game such as Gems I was highly expecting shed loada achievements! But let me down :frowning: either way got them all PC and X1 except for the do all Guild Wars Matches which seems to be bugged for everyone atm.