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Console achievement/trophy ideas for a future patch

Ok, I know the devs said it would be “a long time” before we got new achievements/trophies (due to the strict requirements by Sony/MS making it difficult) but it does sound like there will eventually be more. As an avid achievement hunter I am absolutely hoping for more. Someone asked what my ideas were for new achievements a while back, so I’ll make a list here. I give permission to the devs to use these ideas and achievement names in full. Feel free to add any of your own you think would be fun.

No brainers:

  • 50/100/500/1000 invasion wins. Easy, rewards loyal players, gives achievement hunters an excuse to play the game for a long time.
  • 20/50/100/200 Revenge wins. See above. Since it relies on people invading, requirements set much lower.
  • Level 150/200/300 (or higher) - See above. Long term achievements people like me would love as I don’t have to feel guilty about still playing the game after all achievements are unlocked.
  • Raise a kingdom to level 10/ 5 kingdoms level 10/ 10 kingdoms level 10 - See above. Don’t want an “all” kingdoms to 10 achievement because want to leave room for devs to keep adding kingdoms, and the programming would have to be changed for when the achievement would unlock if more kingdoms were released.
  • Raise a kingdom to 3 gold stars/ 5 gold stars - Another fun, long term one, that is much more doable now that kingdoms are starting to get 9 troops.
  • Could have achievements related to unlocking each of the class weapons for getting 250 wins for each class.

Fun ones:

  • “We’re not worthy” - Have 10 or more cities give you tribute at once - This would be luck based, but obviously your odds would increase the higher you have your kingdoms. Personally my record is 7, but I have less than half of all kingdoms at level 10 let alone 3 stars to increase tribute chance. This will also get easier as more kingdoms are released.
  • “How?” Win a match with your opponent never having had a turn - I’ve done this before with some luck and a Goblin team.
  • “Bogart” - Have 6 turns in a row (you would likely get this going for the above one)
  • “Fully Loaded” - Win with a team consisting of four level 20 unique mythic troops, each with three traits
  • “Check his power level!” - Get one of your troops up to 1000 on every stat (Not hard with 2x Brian the Lucky)
  • “Yo dawg, I heard you like tasks” - Complete 100 tasks
  • “Quester” - Complete the questline for 10/20 kingdoms (again, don’t want one for all to allow for more cities in the future)
  • “Challenge Master” - Master all challenges in 1/5/10/20 kingdoms (again, don’t want one for all to allow for more cities in the future)
  • “Never Tell Me The Odds” - After losing three troops, defeat all 4 of an opponent’s troops (Would not be particularly hard with Black Beast in any position other than first so skull matching wouldn’t cause opponent troops to die)
  • “I. AM. SPARTACUS.” - Win 8 matches in the arena (easy, why wasn’t this an achievement to begin with?)
  • “Gotta Catch Em All” (not sure if that phrase is trademarked, probably wouldn’t be able to go with title if so) - Own 100/150+ unique troops (will get easier over time as more are released)
  • “An Entire Legion of My Best Troops” - Have 1000/2000 levels across all troops
  • “Ascension” - Over time, ascend troops 100 times (would need to be retroactive!)
  • “Overkill” - Match 10 or more gems/skulls at once
  • “Started From The Bottom” - Ascend a common troop to mythic status.
  • “Altruistic” - Complete 10 guild tasks. This will be good to help encourage guild contributions.

Post your own ideas!


None of these are bad in any way.

Also, as soon as the patch downloaded, I’d have them all :sunglasses:

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My guess is quite a few wouldn’t be retroactive, such as the 10 tribute one, arena one, or any of the single match ones.

Thought this was worthy of a bump now that we have new console devs deciding on adding achievements or not, and an announced patch coming up in the next few weeks. What a perfect time for new achievements! :pray:


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It’s definitely something we’d like to expand on. The current achievements are quite lacking, however you won’t be seeing any new achievements in this next update, sorry : ( We’ll be looking into how we can expand and improve upon the current set in the future.