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Looking forward to more achievements

I just completed the game on Xbox One. Here’s hoping for more achievements to keep the party Going!

Dawnbringer achievement/trophy anyone?


I vote for a gold trophy every 1000 levels, starting from level 2000. And platinum trophy on level 10.000, making this 100% only achievable in a couple of lives. :joy:


Id like to see a few more achievements and have a few ideas.

power overwhelming. win on the first turn.
royalty. win a match with a king, queen, prince and princess.
oh the humanity. with with an all human team.
did it for the lulzs. win with an all troll team.

anyone else with some ideas?


I’m also in favor of a level 1000 achievement. In addition:

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse: Win a match using Death, War, Plague and Famine.

I could really do without more Achievements. Its all fun and games until they release something like Unlock the Troop “Zuul’ Goth” or Obtain 20 or more Base Mythics to really start causing riots… Even Xathenos was sketchy and that’s relatively simple once the Sunday Dungeon paid out decently.

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I agree the achievements should be simple to get. Having mythic achievements would be a real turn off for casual players. That being said a few more simple ones would be nice.

a few more ideas
Oh num num num. win a match using 4 devourers
Get a life. make it to level 1000
Chuck Norris. win 100 pvp matches in a row
Girl Power. Win a match with an all female team

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