New PS4 Trophies

Do there still come new playstation 4 trophies for this game ? :slight_smile:

Yeah i would like to know it because i love this game and more trophies would be fun.

Update 3.2.5 gave us 2 more Trophy, would be nice if every bigger Update brings more Trophies. The possibilites for more Trophies are so huge!
Up to now the new trophies were always good, but please no near impossible trophy. Time consuming trophies are welcome! :slight_smile:

Well they can stop on level 500 because if they add 1000 thay would be to much.

I expected a gold trophy for level 1000 tbh

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When is the next trophy update ? ^^

I think there should be a trophy for getting a cascade of 10, I know it’s pure luck but still…

More treasure hunt trophies please. 2 vaults is too easy.

Or complete all challenges ? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Please not this!!!

I would like something along the lines of:

  • Destroy all 4 enemy troops with a single attack
  • Win a match where opposition has no turns
  • Win a match within x amount of turns (i.e. 10 turns?)
  • Win a match with 1 health remaining on your last troop
  • Win a match by a duel (i.e. 1 troop left on both your team and the opposition team)
  • Win 50 consecutive matches
  • Have a perfect week in guild wars (i.e. 30 wins)
  • Reach level 1000 (obviously for the haters lol)
  • Win 10 matches with x amount of kingdom/troop specific teams (i.e. or win 10 matches with all orc troops, all dragon troops etc)
  • Own x amount of mythic troops (we already had an achievement for 1 mythic troop, why not 10, 50, 100 or more?)