Achievements Xbox one/ console!

With all the updates is there going to be any additional achievements to unlock? It seems silly that the game keeps getting bigger but no new achievements! I think there would be more interest in the game if there were more achievements to unlock!

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Devs already said it was a pain to add new achievements, so we wont see it for a while

I did not know that! I think the reason it’s hard to find active guilds is because some people finish all the achievements then quit playing the game! They move on to other games where they can unlock new achievements! I’m not saying it has to be today but eventually would be nice! I can think of several achievements they could add and even more probably after the next update! They have added achievements before but only like 40 or 45 points! I think it was for getting a troop to mistic and something to do with treasure hunt chests!


The developers have not ruled them out, they just said in was a major pain to add them. This info is from a post months and months ago.

Considering how long they have been wrestling with trying to get the latest update on console. Im sure they want to get a foundation down how to deploy content to consoles BEFORE tacking the tricky things.

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I’m liking the new achievements. I have to say though, if they added a level 1000 achievement or something I guarantee I would drop about $50 on this game. I like it so much!

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