Trophy Leaderboard Reward?

Just saying. If the GoW website is going to post weekly trophies leaderboard, could those who made the cut get some kind of small rewards out of it? Doesn’t need to be any big reward. Even if it’s just a cosmetic badge of honor would be nice? Sort of like a “Good Job” pat on the back thing.

The GoW team initially never intended to display a leaderboard. They only started showing the top 20 players each week due to user request.

So, you’re essentially asking to be rewarded for a service.

That’s not to say there couldn’t eventually be something like a free weapon passed out at the end of each week to the top earners (most likely a champion-like weapon, so it’s unchanging), but lets maybe hold off on that until the game at least makes it to 1.1.0. :trophy:

Maybe daily quests could also be a thing by then, eh? :pray:

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Err… I’m ok with daily quests, as long as it’s not overdone. I hate to relive the old WoW days where the first thing I do when I log in is to run through 25 daily quests == … I also hear that daily cap limit been removed now after I left? shivers

Maybe ONE random kingdom (with its story-arc completed?) could open up its own minor, repeatable questline on a daily basis. Three or four battles, top. I think I would be able to live with that.

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I was actually thinking it’d just be 3 small missions each day with a small reward.
For some examples,

Quest: Win (5-10) invades.
Reward: (5-10) Glory

Quest: Complete 2 Arena plays.
Reward: 1000 Gold

Quest: Use 3 Treasure Maps
Reward: 50 Souls

That sort of thing. Fun, uncomplicated, fulfilling but not absolutely necessary. Though probably best to wait until more minigames/options for battle are ready, just so things don’t get stale. (Themes could also eventually be implemented, like winning with an all Dragon team 3 times, etc.)

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