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Power up Kngdoms

The new way of upgrading kingdoms is as stupid as it can come.
Of the 33 kingdoms I own there are 32 with tasks “not achievable yet” ???

Ok the old system was perhaps not the best it could be but this is completely NUTS


I can agree that they could probably find a better way to implement better upgrades, but for your particular grievance i ask: Does it really matters?

Just consider it, by the old standard it would take a lot, and i really mean a LOT, of new troops fully upgraded to make further progress on each kingdom if the devs would just increase the total os stars up to 20… Again, i can agree that this model is not perfect specially as it seems to put more obstacles for the players making progress slower than before, as if collecting speciffic troops in an evergrowing poll wouldn’t be challenging enough as time goes…


Well… I think it does matter.
If they want to change it ok but then they must make sure the task are possible. Now the most part of the tasks are NOT achievable that’s what disturbs me…
Or does it seems logical to you the tasks proposed are not achievable?

They would rather make it all pay to win and then spend their time adjusting my custom user title than actually fixing their mistakes. :smiley:

They wouldn’t be achievable unless the devs would release a bunch of troops of the same kingdom, three or more, AND if the players could get them fully upgraded, and by that i mean at Mythic rarity, max level and all traits unlocked. The level and traits would be the easier part, but Ascension would only be possible by using Orbs or investing a big amount of glory (weekly packs) or a lot of Gems (Invasion/Raid/Bounty Shop tiers) or a lot of Event keys that may cost glory and/or gems (Legendary troops).

So, what sort of of obstacle you would prefer? A huge amount of resources to be invested or waiting for something like a new class for the kingdom?

The point is, if you wouldn’t have the said resources to invest upfront on such releases you would most likely have to wait anyway.


Whatever…. It is stupid to give tasks that are not achievable, and logical it is either…
Furthermore I had 5 kingdoms needing 4 points or less to get to the next level and now they are “not achievable”
Ain’t that great?

I understand that it’s frustrating, every major update have some “collateral damage” in the end. I wish they would have been more upfront with the necessary information about all the new requirements in order to give players the chance/choice of maybe opening some chests looking for the last copies of cards, or maybe farm some traitstone for the last traits in order to not be in the same situation as you.

Everytime they fail to communicate with us, they lose some of our good faith.

I’d generally agree with this statement since they have made some serious communication faux pas. However, when it comes to kingdom stars, I think they gave people more than enough warning that they should get their kingdom stars up as far as they could before this last update. They said more than once that stars would be “grandfathered” in. That’s why some of us pushed to max out as many stars as we could “before” the update.


Would you rather it say “coming soon”?

I wasn’t around by the time, but i take your word for it so i stand corrected. Unfortunately i feel the game still doesn’t have a good reach regarding communication to the players, not by any lack of work from Salty, but because we still have just a small percentage of the player base in the forums.

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@TheIdleOne tell him how bad 33 out of 33 is :rofl:

I wish I spent more time on the forums/streams so I would actually see this warning. In-game we got nothing. The difficulty skyrocketed.

Valid point.

If you don’t follow their Twitch stream or read the forum, you’re going to miss out on a lot of important information.

I’d rather they develop abilities enough to believe in them and give accurate timelines for the new cash shops… I mean updates… they have planned.

So we must read the forums now instead of playing the game?
Hmmm…. were is the logic in that???