GoWDB: Updated Kingdoms checklist in My Collection

Hi all,

I finally had a chance to update GoWDB.com to show kingdom leveling requirements in My Collection. This replaces the old power level progress bar with three, one for each requirement for the next level. Check it out in Sign In - Gems of War Database if you’ve signed up, and let me know if there’s anything that needs fixing.




Thanks for the awesome work. It would be great if you can also add which requirements are not achievable yet


This is amazing. Thank you for your continuous hard work!

This is doable, but not simple; I agree it would be useful though, so I’ll investigate.


Thanks for this @Lyya but I noticed a bit of an issue. None of my kingdoms have the correct stars like my Blighted Land is showing at 2 stars but I have it at 5 stars, Bright Forest is showing 2* when it’s 4* and Broken Spire shows 3* when it’s 5* as well. It’s the same for all my kingdoms.

I got all my stars after the update

I’ll take a look.

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Also on my main account Zhul’Kari is showing 8* but I got it to 9* a couple of days ago. All the stars from before the update are correct just not the one I got after.

Ah, I missed this when the query changed last time. Check again, I think it should be correctly reporting now.

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It’s all good now. Thanks for the quick fix.

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Very useful update!
Perhaps you can make the upgrade information expandable for a shorter list?

Since today (this update? :thinking: ) i have a big problem with my collection :
I see the data from other players not mine (Live, Trophies.de, PS4), i saw leakay from Assonance instead!?

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Very good work ! :clap:

Yesterday I was thinking that something like that would be nice and when I woke up today… Bam here you go :slight_smile: Thanks

Thanks for the work on this @Lyya. I absolutely love this resource.

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And done! You’ll see a lock icon now instead of progress text for kingdom power tasks that cannot yet be completed.


You’re the best!

Looks great, but its sliding off the edge again

Ugh. It would, wouldn’t it…

rolls up sleeves

By the by, this is what happens when you try to make a page that has an insane amount of information on it adaptive to mobile, tablet, PC…</rant>


I appreciate your work and effort on this :slight_smile:

This is amazing, thank you so much! Finally a way to easily see if I have any kingdoms I could level up - I don’t, everything’s locked for me, but still useful in the future! Thanks so much for the effort! :smiley: :heart:

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This is great, thanks!

Can you add some kind of filter to display only those Kingdoms whose requirements can be currently met?

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