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GoWDB: Updated Kingdoms checklist in My Collection

Let me know if you’re still seeing the busted column in Firefox, please.

still pushing off the edge, I closed and reopened the browser just in case it was needed to make it work. image

its happening in Chrome for me too Version 66.0.3359.139 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Yep, I see it still as well, not sure why I wasn’t before. All right, back to the drawing board.

Try again, I smashed more CSS together in hopes of fixing.

Looks good! thanks!

No problem:




Great idea and great execution - sometimes the best tool/feature is the one you didn’t realise you needed until it existed. :+1:

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Great job Lyya, as always.

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Thanks from my side too! Great work Lyya :smiley:

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Lyya: Has this been implemented for the Xbox collections? I’m not seeing it displayed there, when trying to follow along with the screenshots posted in this thread.

EDIT: Oh, I see. It’s tied to the “Checklist” linking to the top-right of the Collections screen.

What a tremendously useful update! Hope you never, EVER go away, Lyya! -EG

That’s a really useful feature, thanks for your hard work @Lyya! One small thing that you might want to look into, maybe it’s just in my browser (firefox) but I see the green bar actually going out of bounds when I exceed the condition (e.g. I have 5 weapons when it only requires 3):



(Truthfully, I found and thought I’d already fixed that one. Will investigate.)

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Thanks once again Lyya for all time and effort you put into this site :heart:

I can see the button, but it has no effect :frowning: Firefox, Win10, already did CTRL+F5…


My bad. Refresh the page and the checkbox should be working again. Sorry!

Awesome update! Thank you!

Great work, thanks!


Started seeing someone elses collection vs mine.
Chrome Version 68.0.3440.106 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Great tool, as a beginner it’s really useful to have this information and to track progress, thanks! I found one small error:

  • In “My Collection”, class items have the wrong link (Titan link to “troops/11148” instead of “classes/11148”)