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Kingdom power levels

most of my kingdoms at lvl 8 or 9,new update made kingdoms be leveld to 20,when is new hoarde of troops being released to be able to lvl up kingdoms? most of my bonuses say not acievable yet,thanks

The kingdom stars used to go up to 10, and technically no kingdom could reach it. Not many kingdoms could reach 9 stars, and getting all of them to 8 required exceptional luck.

They moved it up to 20 because:

  • They are promising faster content releases, which means reaching 10 stars in the old system would get easier.
  • They wanted it to tie in to weapon upgrades, which weren’t part of the old system.
  • They want room to grow.

There is no promise of a date when the first 20-power kingdom will be reachable, or that the date will even come. At the current rate of release, if they distribute troops/weapons evenly, each kingdom can only get a new troop every 0.57 years. So if you’re waiting on like, 3 more troops for a kingdom, it could easily be a full year before that happens. In terms of weapons, anything goes. We have yet to see a new mythic weapon released at all, so at the current rate it will always be impossible to get to level 20.

You’re thinking in terms of a for-pay, up-front game. Those make it possible to obtain everything in some way. This is an F2P game. Those release new content constantly, and often show you goals that aren’t yet possible to help you believe that stream of new content will continue forever. Psychologically, there is also the hope that even if you’re bored of the game, you won’t quit because you want to “finish”.