Six hundred and eighty

The minimum number of Gold Level Elite Troops necessary to get all the Kingdoms to 30 stars. While my hyper active ass has yet to satisfy even Geoff despite playing GoW way too much. When is another day getting created to fit all these independent resources and game modes into it? Oh while trying to have a real life and work 40 hours… assuming you don’t want all your players being free to play.

But hey at least 5.2 helps with trophies. Because that helps individual accounts. 🤦

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I’m fully aware this is just a snarky way for you to hit back on 5.2 but let’s breakdown your jab a little bit and use it as a fun thought experiment for the future of gems and how we will get to PL 30.

Another stat to look at here is the amount of total troops required to get to power level 30 on all kingdoms. Currently we have 889 troops. To get to Power Level 30 on all kingdoms that would be 1326. This also assumes that they will start to even out the distribution of troops across all kingdoms by that time, which is highly, HIGHLY unlikely. We are still almost 100 new troops total away from all kingdoms to Power Level 20 so the update to show Power Level was less of a “here is your new target to grind for right now” and more of a “This is the longterm roadmap to plan ahead”.

At our current rate of troop releases we are 437 troops away from max and given the average amount of troops releasing per year is around 150, that means we are at the very least 3 years away from seeing PL 30. This of course doesn’t account for any new influx of kingdoms/factions that would bring with it a new set of troops. Even if that does occur, next year we hit all factions so we lose the 4 new troops a month, so that new kingdom/faction area would need to bring 4 new troops a month plus additional ones to beat the 150 troop pace. So we have a REALLY long way to go before PL 30 begins to matter.

Now let’s look at the true grinding numbers that will put a shiver down the spine of even the grindiest of grinders. Using some projections based off the current troop release schedules, current cost to medal certain troops, and how many of those rarity that you will need to finish all to PL 30, here is my total cost assessment.

Total Souls Cost = 40,800,000

Projected amount of troop rarity by all PL 30

Common = 165
Rare = 235
Ultra-Rare = 280

Cost to level those troops to Gold Level

165 Medals of Gaard
330 Medals of higher rarity than Gaard

235 Medals of Yasmine
470 Medals of higher rarity than Yasmine

280 Medals of Orpheus
560 Medals of higher rarity than Orpheus

This is the cheapest it would cost someone to complete 680 troops to Gold Level. I could go into how many explore that would take to get all those medals but it’s pretty much overkill already just looking at the amount of medals it takes.

So yes, it will take a super longtime to grind all those gold elite levels, but it will also take years to even be a relevant issue. Even then I would argue it would be optional content no one is forcing you to complete.

TL;DR I get it, 5.2 sucks ass, I’m with you white knight. Look forward to seeing your next complaint about how color gems aren’t falling at an exactly 1/6 chance when no storms are active. Cause you know, that matters.


@awryan isnt so much, i have 120 troops already done and i dont play so much. When do you think we will have first 30 stairs kingdom? I dont think the release date is near and you need all kingdom to 20. How many kingdom do you have already done with imperial deeds and book at lvl 20? The biggest problem is this. If all players havent this bonus, I dont care, the problem is when some player can obtaine an early statistics with the rng, like the daily random offer, and the other no

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The issue comes from the details. To get power level 30 you need 1) Kingdom level 20 (which will take roughly 34 years at the current rate). 2) 39 Troops w/ 3 traits. 3) 20 troops gold medaled. Now it would be nice if every kingdom had 20 troops at Ultra-Rare or lower…but I doubt it. To take Adana as an example, it has 25 troops right now, with 13 at Ultra-rare or lower. That means half of the additional 14 troops that come out would need to be Ultra-Rare or lower. I don’t see that happening. At a wild guess, you’ll need probably 5 or so Epics gold medaled to fulfill that requirement. For every kingdom.
Not quite the cakewalk there.

Trajectory speaking:

You eventually can reach a point where commons, rares, and ultra-rares are medaled faster than they’re released.

Since you run out of purpose for those medals, they can be upshifted to fill out spots in epics (rares, ultra-rares) and legendaries (ultra-rares and epics).

Unfortunately, the downside of gambling is paying the soul costs and failing. Meaning…

While actually medaling the required troops isn’t too much of a problem, the souls costs become astronomically high. If you’re unlucky, you can easily end up paying double the original value or more. My dynamite goat took 5 sets of 33% gambles to get its first upgrade.

The other way is to farm epic/legendary/mythic medals to avoid gambling. To me, players are setup to fail for that currently.

How this ties to 20 Gold Elites in a Kingdom:
Its not impossible to get 20 Gold Elites in a Kingdom
Its a pain in the ass
There’s plenty of time to pull it off working on it now by the release of Kingdom Power level 30
Not every Kingdom will hit Power level 30 at the same time
The devs are long overdue to do something FUN for souls. Where’s the Egg Thief of souls? Where’s a Necromancy Dragon? TDS isn’t even the best form for farming anymore.

I’m more concerned for the upgrade 4 pets to level 20 at Kingdom Power 27. With the release of flash offers for Cosmetic Pets and more frequent cosmetic pet Saturdays, it feels like they’re expecting us to max them out now for any power barricades. Some kingdoms are very behind on non-cosmetic pet distributions.


Nice summary.
Great comment. It’s a game, not a job task forced on anyone.

None of the game is a forced task/job on anyone.

That doesn’t negate that it is overloaded with content currently with too many seperate things needed to be done to advance solely in the game.

And btw…to the less educated… It’s entirely possible to voice an opinion without demeaning others within your comment.
If I state the words douchebag in a general sense to advise against certain actions. And you the individual feel as though you’ve been tagged by those words. Then perhaps it’s time to make some reviews of ones life… Not just here, but overall.
But if mommy and daddy couldn’t teach you the golden rule of life…I seriously doubt that I’ll be able to instead. 🤷

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I asked that the other week in my Guild…it would also need a Skeleton Key of Souls as well, I think. Or would you just use 3 Pharos Ra?

Good question! … it depends on how they design the troop which would determine what we can run with it. I’d like to not run 3 Pharos-Ra and still be effective, but that’s just me.


I said this before but I think these new goals were created because they ran out of things for players like the TC to do. At one point it’s up to the player tell themselves they achieved everything they wanted to do in the game. The devs must be pulling their hair out wondering why people who have done almost everything there is to do is still playing the game.

Maybe, and I’m just spitballing here, but they have played the game so long…they might actually play for the enjoyment of it. They just might have fond memories of the game. And each time they see the game become less and less enjoyable and more and more about grinding for resources that will take years and years to complete…they might want to voice their opinions on that.


That isn’t how business works.

When you have a group of people you know will spend/play as much or as long as it takes to get something, you exploit them. Not wonder why they wont leave LOL :rofl:

There are still plenty of features the developers could have done to entertain players from all levels’ ranges (novice to endgamer) while also creating chances to monetize, or at least make gems’ offers very attractive.

But instead they kept pushing for the lowest effort options/projects over and over. I’m talking about the “Event Number X with a Shop where you buy sigils and keep fighting enemies that get stronger after each battle.” or the “Let’s make a really looooooooooooong term grind and call it a new feature!” (Medals, Writs/Book of Writs)…

They are not really improving the game with such things, they are just adding more clutter! At best, any new player would look at those and handpick a few things they like from each. At worse some new players would feel overwhelmed by the ammount of things they can feel pressured to try to achieve and end up burnt out.

Meanwhile the endgamers will roll their eyes and groan when they bring in the next “NEW” Sigil Event the devs come up with.

Or maybe they will put in place Kingdom Level 50! You just need 10 of each Book of Deeds and, 5 Books of Imperial Deeds, Sacrifice 4 Zuul’ Goths, 2 Enraged Kurandaras and an Autograph from Sir Elton Jhon.

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I cannot speak for everyone. For me, it were and still is a time killer when I cannot do something else. I can probably meditate instead or read something on the phone, which I don’t really care about, but both of these require some semblance of concentration and are sensitive to interruptions. GoW can be and, IMHO, should be experienced in short bursts and is sufficiently mindless. It has some sense of progression over the years, does not require considerable commitment if you are patient enough, works more or less fine on PC and phone, and is free, so you don’t have to pay if you don’t want or don’t have the money. Developers try to keep it sufficiently complex and updated, which is a huge plus. There is considerable variety, and I am fortunate to be able to manage a nice guild with very nice people in it.

Basically, it is a sort of equilibrium between generally positive features I listed above and recent push towards annoying all-random to the point of being completely silly and some monetization aspects. But that is just me, since I would personally like somewhat less random and less annoying monetization. Also, some meta rework is long overdue although the current meta still has considerable variety. If the negatives outweigh the positive and the game becomes too annoying for something like over a couple of months, I would most likely drop it. Although replacement is not that easy to find.

I do have everything or almost everything the game has, all acquired passively by just playing on a regular basis and managing the guild. So, I never cared about rewards and don’t particularly care now also as long as there is a fair and reasonable chance to acquire new cards and weapons.


Edit: Bottom statement is not completely true. I did buy the pass.

But do the people who pretty much have done everything still spend money on the game? I’m not even close to being an end game player and I haven’t spent any money in the last year.

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If they just slowed down with all this stuff and everyone had every troop, weapon, kingdom, delve, etc. all maxed out. What then? At what speed would new content make each individual happy? Everyone has different play styles and amounts of time to play.

It all comes down to one thing. If you dont like where the game is going, then quit playing it. Pick up a switch and go back in time like me. Lol, I quit both of my xbox accounts because the game literally sucks now. I will play my switch until the updates make it there in about 9 months, then i guess i quit the game all together.

They could always pull their head out of their asses and make some good fun challenging content that would take skill instead of years to complete. In that case i might just come back, but it still may be too late as I move on to bigger and better things. (Not hard to do at this point)


I’d just assume that lvl 30 kingdoms in current state of game it’s more of a placeholder rather than anything players are ment to achive.
Let’s wait and see another few game updates, with new ways of gaining limited resources added to the gameplay.
For me, at this point of the game (and im not talking about my account, but GoW overall), lvl 30 kingdoms are abstract, something that was designed to never happen :wink:


Call outs are against the community guidelines. So I’m not a fan of playing by the rules while others blatantly ignore them.

But yes, I have no issue criticizing company’s or actual objects like video games. Specially when I’ve spent a lot of money on them.

While in regards to actual people, only talking shit to those who provoke me.
For whatever reason, you feel it necessary to provoke me on here. I guess I’m sorry that you feel offended/“triggered” by my thoughts to the devs. They don’t need you defending them though. And if you really feel like they need your defense… Then that’s a bigger insult than one I could ever throw their way. 🤷

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The only thing I agree with is the devs don’t need me to defend them. I’m just here to balance the negativity with an opposing viewpoint. I’ve posted my issues about the game in another thread. They don’t care about my input anymore than they do your complaints like the one you post here. After using this forum as your own personal soap box for years I’m shocked you don’t have a thicker skin.

If you don’t want to be singled out maybe stop posting separate topics that are 100% related to multiple other topics but just with your own new snarky twist to it. It’s neither clever nor useful.

I respect the time and effort you put into gems and this community. If I see you post something fantastic like your recent post about players quitting I’m going to praise it. But if i see a post I disagree with I’ll call it out with a rebuttal to the claims presented. You are only a larger target for it since you make yourself one. Ill refrain from using my own dbagery in response if that will make you feel better.


You don’t oppose my view point though. You dumbify most conversations by trying to throw out insults and only magnify the drama/negativity while trying to bring more attention onto yourself.

Whether you like me or not this isn’t the platform to voice your dislike. If you don’t agree with an idea of mine that’s all well and good. But if you think you’re solely making a counter argument to my posts then what you think you’re doing is remarkably different from what you’re actually doing.

So if I don’t want someone like you to try and belittle me then I shouldn’t be so outspoken? So basically you’re saying I’m that girl in the type of dress that deserves to be raped? Because blaming your negative actions on what others do soley by being themselves is pretty predatory on your end.

Clearly you don’t with all your posts that attempt to disrespect me. And when I finally felt disrespected enough to make a statement about it. You claim I’m “triggered”. 🤦

It’s not a matter of how I feel. I see now your thoughts of me whether you choose to make them apparent or not. But what I’ll never stand for is oppression. Whether you’re aware of it or not, your crusade is to suppress my voice. So though I can’t stop you from interacting with me on here…or most other platforms. If your sole desire is for me to post less negative posts. Then look inward instead of outward. You’ll have better control over my actions by simply controlling your own better.

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