Some future musings

Put this in Spoilers since I’m going to reference some things that may/may not happen.

Currently we have 27 Kingdoms with troops ranging from 8 to 13. We are expecting the 28th in 2 weeks, 29th in June. I’d wager on 30th in September and 31st in December.

We have 11 Mythics, 4 of which “don’t count” since they are Horsemen, leaving 7 kingdoms with a Mythic. We get these once a month so by year end we should have 16 kingdoms with a Mythic.

Currently it takes 8 troops to reach 5* (2600 points), 9 troops for 6* (2900), 10 troops to reach 7* (3200) and 14 to reach 8* (3500). If the trend continues it will take 17 troops for 9* (3800) and 21 troops for 10* (4100).

We are slated for our first 14 troop kingdom on April 7th when Khaziel gets a Mythic followed by Adana on the 10th when it picks up 3 troops (and you won’t need them all at Mythic level, level 15 and 2 traits each will suffice if you have all current Adana troops maxed). An additional 4 kingdoms will reach 14 troops by the end of July. Overall, this isn’t that big of a deal since the 8th star just adds 150 gold per day. Even if all 27 kingdoms were 8* it would take about 8 months to gain enough gold for 1 legendary task.

Assuming proper spacing we can figure each kingdom will get 2 events per year. It is slightly less as we have over 26 kingdoms, but close enough for this. Each event generally adds 1 or 2 troops (the Adana event in April being an anomaly), so we could expect to see each kingdom get 3 troops per year.

At those rates, I’d say that by this time next year all of our 13 troop kingdoms should hit 16, some of which will get a Mythic pushing to 17. This means we might start seeing kingdoms starting to reach 9* for triple tribute chance around the end of 2017. Continuing along reaching 21 troops is likely to take until mid 2019.

All of this goes out the window if the point of diminishing returns, when troops go from being worth 325 each to only 80… If it was changed from 10 to 12 for example, it would only take 12 troops to reach 9* and 15 to reach 10* which would be likely for many Kingdoms by end of 2017. Depends on how far down the road the devs wish to look.

Also of note, at 12 Mythics a year and 4 kingdoms, we are looking at:
March 2017: 28 kingdoms, 8 Mythics (ignoring horsemen)
June 2017: 29 kingdoms, 11 Mythics
Sept 2017: 30 kingdoms, 14 Mythics
Sept 2018: 34 kingdoms, 26 Mythics
Sept 2019: 38 kingdoms, 38 Mythics <— every kingdom with a Mythic!

Another thought: It would be cool to see a Primal Mythic, a “Polychromatic Imp”, with all 6 colors, maybe a spell that transforms a random enemy into a random imp or something. Along with a Primal event week, where all 6 imps are in event chest to help folks get them to mythic.


I’m ok with a Polychromatic Imp as i envision a “skull troop” that i would like to see done.
A personal project always waiting for the elusive EULA allowing us to design a troop sometime in the future as well as other things. :slight_smile:


Oooh, skull based imp. Spell with “do damage equal to my attack to targeted enemy, boosted by skulls on board. Gain 5 attack if enemy dies” and 3rd trait “Gain X attack on skull matches” (Not sure what to set X for good balance).

Speaking of Horsemen…
Are we getting any more apocalyptic mythics?
There ARE other mythologies you know. :wink:

It wouldn’t be an Imp. Giving a spoiler of my idea/concept it would be a character from another world that is unable to… access… mana in Krystara, or at his own world for that matter, but his combat prowess would be remarkable with some possibly easy to implement new trait and mechanics making him unique but not overpowered. Since Bone Dragon is under the radar for some balance and since we have more traits reducing skull damage it’s pretty much a “cute” addition.