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Next kingdom power level

According to my calculations we have just 4 kingdoms left at only 8 troops: Adana, Darkstone, Glacial Peaks, Leonis. I would expect to see the next few events add to those bringing them to 10 or 11. So by October all kingdoms will be 9+ (with just 9 kingdoms at only 9), will we see a 6th power level added? 5 requires 2600 points (8 troops at 325 each), so I’d expect a 6th level at either 2925 points (9 troops maxed) or 3250 (10 troops maxed).

Any conjecture on a worthy 6th level? Maybe raising tribute from 20% to 25%? Maybe unlock a stronger banner?

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Before seeing a kingdom power level raised, I personally would like to see way more kingdoms. Like I mentioned in my other post there is plenty of room to expand the map. We just need to find out the number of kingdoms they plan on making. If the number is let’s say 36 then those have to be taken to 5 stars, then i’d like to see a power level raised. Just me personally, I’m fine either way.

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I don’t think the power level should be raised, but there should be 1 more tier above it at whatever 10 troops fully maxed is. Would be cool if they could make each kingdom its own unique mythic for getting a “7th” power level (you forgot about the 1 silver star).


Before we expand kingdoms I’d love to see a way of fine tuning the chests. There are 37 different commons, 54 rares, 43 UR, 63 epic, and 35 different legendary. With each kingdom we add 8-10 troops pushing those numbers higher, significantly diluting the chances at a specific draw. Adding an option to filter by color or by kingdom at an increased cost (like an event chest) would go a long way.


Definitely agree there needs to be a change or something implemented there. I’m at the point where I actually think there’s a higher drop chance for older troops than the newer ones. (even though I know this isn’t true) Confirmation bias is a motha. As far as there are more older troops than newer this is true, but the RNG doesn’t change.

Also I think it would be a swell idea to give the older troops another balance pass before moving forward as well. This might not even be as much of an issue if people felt the older troops were just as good as the new ones.

I like this idea maybe a skill bonus to troops based on the kingdom you choose or even a mythic trait that affects games. Ex. Pridelands increases the chance of red gems dropping.

The final star level should be a toggleable switch to turn off random troop drops for that kingdom. (Yeah, I know this will never happen, but I’m only half joking.)


Turns off all kingdoms and only gets Apocalypse and Primal drops per glory key. :stuck_out_tongue:

Figures out the flaw in this plan after yet another boatload of major trait stones. :scream:

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If I am not mistaken, the drops are based on 2 pulls. The first pull is of the type of resource and the 2nd pull is of the rarity. So if there were no way to get any rare troops, it would actually likely just give nothing. :stuck_out_tongue:

But yes, a lot of traitstones would still drop from it.

luckily primal and apocalypse isnt on the map so you cannot star it up / gain star bonuses :stuck_out_tongue:

i would love to see more kingdoms, also more units of the low-on-troop kingdoms…

but back to the topic, if there would be one more star… how about allowing this kingdom to be a pvp-home location (at choice), as of you would gain that kingdom colors traitstones on the pvp instead of enemy’s home kingdom… one can only raid this much of whitehelm…

I could see it doubling the number of trait stones obtained from exploring the kingdom, fits in with the “double something” theme. Other than that, I’d really love to complete my collection of event weapons. Any chance we could get those assigned to a kingdom each and made unlockable in some way?


I loved that you could get “War and Peace” by completing a quest line. I hope they do that again with other kingdoms.