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Kingdom power levels in the year 2040?

This sounds like an exaggeration , but probably not far off.
It’ll be about 4 years from the original game( kingdom stars didn’t exist then) until we even start to get any kingdoms to level 10. Each level gets consecutively harder obviously.
With over 30 kingdoms already, maybe a 3-6 troops per kingdom per year from events will barely get a level. And that’s on top of more kingdoms being released.

I honestly thought that 10 star was going to be the end and thought that’s why it was taking so many years.
I am not complaining here, just extremely curious.
Devs, seriously what system or decade do u foresee level 20? Unless u have some new plan to massively increase troops, I’m estimating late playstation7 Lol

How long did we have the last system that capped at what, 5 stars at first, then 10 stars? How many kingdoms reached 10 stars while that system was in place?

The expansion isn’t here so we can all have 10 star kingdoms within a few months. It’s here to make room for them to have something to do with all the new content they release. Maybe a new weapon is a dud, but if it counts for a kingdom star players are going to buy it.

I’m not necessarily saying this was great from a design perspective, but everybody has the same potential maximum. It’s not like there are some players who got 15 stars for being there first and everyone else has to wait to catch up. It’s always been true that not every kingdom can reach the height of the current system.

After 10* it looks like each troop added makes possible another star. So each time they add 2 troops to a kingdom 2 more star is possible. So maybe only 4 years to hit 20*.

There is also the teeny tiny hope hung on that they indicated they were going to accelerate the release of troops as time went on.

It’s already happened a little, we used to get roughly about 6 troops per month (weekly + legendary + mythic) and now we get about 9 (weekly + legendary + mythic + bounty + raid + invasion). Maybe that’ll get bumped up some more.

Wonder how it will affect the quality of troops when and if they decide to do it