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Team Synergy achievement in exchange for gold

Active, lvl 160+, looking for active guild that completes tasks etc. OR if I’m too low for your guild, let me get the achievement in exchange for gold.

Thanks in advance!

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Do you have all your kingdoms at level 10? We are full but we have a few people that are not participating as much as the rest. Do you get 1500 seals, participate in guild wars and get PvP trophies? We don’t care about levels.

And yes we have gotten the synergy before we lost some members to top guilds recruiting them. Hence the request for kingdoms to be at 10 so you can get a steady flow of gold coming in that you can donate.

Unfortunately, only 4-5 kingdoms are level 10, and that’s what I am working on at present. The rest I do, always get 1500 seals, all guild wars, and lots of PvP.

We already have over a third of our guild leveling kingdoms and not donating gold. Puts a burden on the ones who donate. So much so that we have lost a few heavy hitters because of it. If we can tip the scales a little more towards donaters we might be able to pick you up. In the meantime knock out those kingdoms and you will be more and more appealing to all guilds.

No worries … thanks for the consideration :slight_smile:

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