Lvl 300 looking for more active guild

My current guild is probably fine for new players. There are a few people who complete guild tasks and we’re up to a 100% bonus for gold. The problem is our guild is rather inactive. We don’t do guild wars at all, though after my gold contributions this week, I see my rank has increased. One more and I’d be able to sign us up. There are zero guild announcements. If I go into chat and select guild, all I see is a welcome message from four months ago. I’m guessing this is not normal. One other complaint I have about my current guild is guild seals are worthless. Less than 2 hours until the weekly reset, and we have collected 4268 seals. I am of course responsible for 1500 of those and this number is pretty typical.

As for myself, I am currently level 300. I complete my 4 tasks every day and, every week, I reach tier 1 in pvp and complete the weekly event. I have just recently gotten all my kingdoms to level 10, so my gold will likely be spent on guild tasks, though I am a bit of an achievement hunter, so I may try to hold back for a shot at the Team Synergy achievement. My kingdom power levels leave a bit to be desired though. I haven’t had the patience to do some extended soul farming. I have a few kingdoms at 2 stars with a couple still at a single silver star. My collection is still a work in progress. I believe I have most epics and most of my cards have been upgraded to epic, but my collection of legendaries is still a bit thin (a lot of dragons for some reason, minus the Dragon Soul…) and I have not yet found a mythic card. My sole mythic card came from a large expenditure of glory.

Guild rank is unimportant to me. I want to be able to spend some guild seals and actually have a chance to acquire something decent. And I would like to participate in Guild Wars. I expect to be pretty bad at first. I could most certainly use advice on some pvp teams. The team I use most often in ranked has not changed much from when I started the game. My GT is CreepyUncleMike.

Update: I have already accepted an offer. I will attempt to close this topic as soon as I find out how.

I have a guild who is extremely active and looking to complete the achievement for completing all guild tasks. We are currently rank 350 and climbing. I have a few spots available to fill with active players. Out of 30, I would say 25 at least contribute throughout the week and one of my teammates currently had 8.2 million in gold saved up as where I have 1.2 saved. We plan on contributing all of it in about 10 days. If you want to join, send me your invite code and we can really do some good

We are a small guild. Only 4 members but we get to 5000 seals almost every week. We actively participate to guild wars. We contribute to guild tasks all the time as we completed all our kindoms already. Send me you invite code if you still looking for a guild to join

Hi Viper would your 4 members like to join our guild? We have 25 members at the moment. So all 5 can come in :). Our requirements are 150K gold, 100 trophies, we are ranked 68. Trying to get mike in as well then we will have 29 :). We have a good bunch all use chat & help each other out.

We have a few spots open in DARKGUILD for active players. We do guild wars every week and hit about 18K seals weekly. With 1 or 2 more active players we’ll be able to hit 20K seals.