Team Synergy Achievement - Xbox One

The Cruzies (Rank 79, level 110 guild) is looking for members to complete the Team Synergy Achievement. I already have 2,700,000 saved in gold. If you want to contribute (and benefit), send me your invite code and I will add you. Use Guild Chat to show gold amounts.

im currently in rank 92 guild level 103 but i am low rank highly active. hit tier 1 every wweek in pvp can i joi. invite code is TOMRACKA_7T64. i dont know if i have to leave to accept but i would be willing

I tried to invite you but you are currently in another guild.

i will leave later on when im on xbox will i have an invite there or will you have to invite me again

i will pay attention to this thread and accept when you invite again

I have 3,200,000 gold myself … still looking for additional players