Newbie help wanted: Help me understand guild tasks

I have played this game for some time but none of my friends play.
Joined a guild by invite from some stranger, it seems to be profitable to be in a guild.

I have searched guides & wikis but really don’t get the tasks aspect of guilds.
Under the task tab i see 6 different task windows (one for each mana color),
but the UI does not tell me anything except that i can contribute gold towards some goal.

Can someone please explain tasks for me or point me to some resource where it is explained?

any member of a guild can contribute with gold to complete some task of the guild (12 task for any mana colour).
For each task the guild is completing, there are some rewards: gems, maps, glory Keys, gold Keys.
Once the guild finishes all the task in a specific colour there is also a bonus (additional attack points, additional life points, additional armour points…).
Being a part of a guild on which all the players are contributing regularly is the best way to complete tasks and have as many rewards as possible.
Depending on your type of gaming, you can decide to join a guild that is requiring a minimum contribution/seals/trophies or to join an hardcore guild that will require high contributions/seals/trophies (but of course will reach higher rewards) and probably will kick you out if you cannot reach always their requirements .
Have a good Good play

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You contribute gold into a task, and once it has max gold, that completes the task. You are then sent a mail in game that will have rewards in it based on the task you completed. If someone else completes a task you are sent a mail with the rewards from that task. The point of those tasks is to level up the guild’s statues. These statues give bonuses.

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Thank you both for your replies!

So there are “lower level” guilds which does not require that amount of gold per task?

In my current guild, the requirement for completing a task is 20k.
I’d love to contribute alot to the guild i am part of but i have to keep some gold for levelling kingdoms.

Where/how can i find a guild that is suitable for my level and the amount of gold i can contribute?

gold requirements for completing a task are the same for all the guilds.
You can only decide to donate a part of the amount needed to complete the task and, if you are in an active guild, your teammates will help completing the task.
If you are in an inactive guild and would like to join an active one, we are looking for members.

The more you complete a task the more it will cost to complete. Say you complete a task and it cost 5k, next time it will be worth 10k to complete.

Focus on getting your kingdoms to level 5 first, then worry about donating.

You need a starter guild.

Thank you all for your help! Seems like i need a guild with people at my level

It’s as others wrote - the amount of gold for each task is the same for every guild and goes up as you complete tasks in a given week. However higher level guilds pretty much always set a minimum amount of gold each member has to contribute weekly - to maximize tasks completion and, more importantly, to ensure that everyone puts their share of effort. Lower lever guilds either have much lower requirements or don’t have them at all - that’s why it’s important to join a guild that suits your needs.

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How come there are odd gold amounts in the task window?
I can only contribute 1k, 5k or 10k via the “plus sign” button, but often there are odd amounts in the tasks progress bar.
Also, when looking at the roster and each members gold contributions, i see odd amounts.

If you only have 4567 gold and choose the 5k option, it will donate all of your gold, giving the task an odd number of gold towards it.

Aha thanks

Another question then:
“Red tasks

What does “7/12” mean?
And does the quests reset weekly? Which day of the week?

that mean´s that 7 of the 12 tasks of the red statue are completed.(quest)

If you completed the 12 tasks you ( and all members) get a bonus for 6-7 days not remember now. Red bonus is attack.

Quests reset every Monday, with a new week. That means statues get back to minimum and need to complete all 12 tasks again.

Thanks again. This forum is incredibly helpful :slight_smile:

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@StubbornOldFool First and Foremost: Welcome to the Forums! Secondly, the only additional information that has not been shared yet is that those Guild Statues level up and though we don’t know how, they will in some way play a part in the upcoming Guild Wars update. And although it is far from essential information… since it was the only thing missing I thought Id throw it in there for you. :wink:

Yes it is. I have stated it several times throughout these forums, but this is by far the best game community I have ever had the pleasure to be a part of. Welcome again and have fun!



I think all your questions were answered, but you might still want to watch the official Guild video to clarify things (there are other one too).

After that checkout some Tacet the Terror’s early player tips on YouTube.

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Also look through the guild recruitment section of the forums for your device. You may see a guild with openings that will fit your playing and level. Some guilds scale to a players level or give short term passes on donations expected. Also they can often refer you to an appropriate guild.

Sometimes I get mail saying that I, Griswald, completed a certain task, when I’m sure I never contributed any gold (still leveling up cities). Is there any combat element to guild tasks? I was thinking maybe by killing a certain number of blue enemies that I completed the blue taks or something?

That’s a bug that still need to be fixed. It will say you completed the task even if you did not put any gold into tasks.