Request for CSV File Dump - Solved - Topic now closed - Comment below

I have raised this question to move away from the request for an API. As the ideas are different.

Would really like the Devs to allow the dumping of a CSV file for us silent types to make life easier for those wanting to improve the GoW Gaming experience for themselves and others.

There are marvellous GoWers who have:

Built and maintain the Wiki
Created the ToDo Standalone program.
Used Google Online Spreadsheet for Traitstones
Created a website with Troop Listing and Filtering Resource
One who wants to code a database as a Team-Building resource
Created Spreadsheets with various degrees of expertise.

For me, it seems a simple effort for the Devs to add a button to the game that performs a dump of useful variables (already in use during the game) into a text or csv file.

First, would the Devs please get approval for this option for a future upgrade.

Second, what variable contents would we like in the CSV file if this is approved.

Suggestions (need more please)

  1. Current Troop Level
  2. Number of individual Troops (Ascension)
  3. Troop with Blue Arrow
  4. Troop with Green Arrow
  5. Listing as shown in Map > Hero > Collection
  6. Traits we have for each Troop.

Why should management approve this?

We love to play even if it is with a spreadsheet!
We benefit the game by producing resources that help other players. Resources that the Developers of the game do not have the funding for.
The developers are busy improving our gaming experience by improving the game itself.

I trust them. I am sure they trust us :slight_smile:

Here’s my humble efforts so far. The User just has to enter the Troop level, number of Traits and which Troops have a Green Cross in three columns on the Main Sheet and everything is automated (for most of the resources in the spreadsheet).

Kingdom Stars - Introduction and Progress:

Click on the Star button and you see this:

Ctrl-Click on the Kingdom Name and you get this:

So, do I increase my number of 3 Star Kingdoms and get a 20% chance for double + double tribute or go for a 4 star kingdom that only gives me 50 extra Gold per day? :flushed:

I use it all the time, easy and saves me lots of faffing around.

Please, please let us have a facility for a CSV dump :cry:


This one is mine :stuck_out_tongue: and for that I use my own xml file.
I save for each troop: level, current rarity and trait (0-> no trait, 1 -> one trait, etc.).
And also, the traitstones (manually input…).
Both informations should be enough to do whatever you want ;-).

You can find some .xml and .json files in the game folder so why not a file like that better than a CSV file?
Moreover, I am quite sure that devs should use a savefile for every player on their server so it’s just a question of sharing :slight_smile:.

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I am currently working on a Java/JavaFX based Teambuilder with all Troops stored in a MySQL Database. So i assist this request for CSV File Dump!

My Project is still work in progress and some features are not finished, but i work on it in my spare time…

Completed Features:

  • complete List of All Troops with Name, Kingdom, Type, Mana, Costs and Rarity (ENG only) as Local-MySQL DB
  • filter for Kingdom, Type, Mana and Rarity
  • Mana preview for selected Team
  • Save and Load Teams
  • Changelog with Patchnotes

current WiP

  • check 4 Team Bonus

…more features are possible - i just do step-by-step :wink:

here a screen for those who want a look - nothing special until now - just basic functions:

if someone has a server where i can host my sql database, please message me^^

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Thanks for your feedback @turintuor Appreciate the ‘LIke’! :slight_smile:

Both our GoW Resources take Manual User Input. But your program saves the data as an XML file. My spreadsheet just saves the data inside the spreadsheet. No need for me to add extra programming to create an XML file.

I have studied the XML and JSON files within the GoW folder for a few weeks. They are game related, not related to my need for user input or user progress. For example, the traitstones we have already earned.

In addition, for me to use these files effectively I need a JSON and XML converter to parse/change them into CSV so the spreadsheet can import them easily.

Money Cost: Not sure if MS Office can Import JSON and XML files but I am not prepared to pay for it. Nor am I prepared to pay for a JSON and XML Converter (like JSONBuddy) I would prefer to give my money to GoW. I know there are free online converters but file sizes are limited and I am not keen on doing that to GoW files anyway. Ethics?

Time Cost: I am not keen to build my own converter (I could) not when there are more exciting (to me) things to do.

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Did you fill your spreadsheet manually (I mean the interface, colors, etc)?

I don’t see devs using CSV file for the player save files… So it means they have to create a converter. That’s why I propose that devs just share the files that they use beeter than asking for a CSV file.
It’s just assumption of course ;-).

The free online converters could be a solution: player save files should be smaller than the big game json or xml files.

Else, a converter can be easily done ;-). But it depends of the format chosen by the devs.
I would include a CSV export file in my application just for you :stuck_out_tongue: if someday, devs provides us the player data file.

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I support this request!

@turintuor Your comments are really appreciated but there seems to be a bit of a misunderstanding.

Programmatically, I can get into an XML or JSON file and extract the contents as a string, then hack at it with my axe, parse it to my content, then dump it within the spreadsheet. But, what a mess! I only mentioned the other routes because I wanted you to know that I know about JSONs and XML files and some messy alternative ways to deal with them. Messy as in bothersome!

I am planning parsing the JSONs and XMLs later when I go full blast on my version of a Team-Builder. Low priority until I retire Valkyrie and her Soul Crew from active service. When I have enough Souls and Troops to actually have a choice of teams :sweat:

Personally, It doesn’t matter to me what file dump is used. It is just easier for me because:

All (I guess) spreadsheets can Import CSV files. So having player data in CSV form is easier for us silent hobbyists to play with the data in its Comma-Delimited or Character Delimited form.

Colours: Pastel type shades for ease of viewing. If it’s a button then change colour so user knows which button NOT to press to get away from that page. If a cells contents change then the colour changes if it is useful. The yellow background was set up in Tools > Options > Application Colours. The rest was done by hand to make the columns easier on the eyes. :grin:

If they were to implement this service, I suspect it’d be done as a RESTful API that returned its payload as JSON. That’s essentially where the industry is these days. Once the data is out there, you can mold it into whatever you like using other tools and importers.

That said, I highly doubt they’ll expose this API in any form whatsoever.

I hope they at least implement a text document that can not be edited that contains the terms of use/service/licence agreement.

For @Lyya

I deliberately stated above that this thread was separate from the discussion about APIs. I also included you in the group of marvelous GoWers. Hug.

Yet, you have decided to enter my thread and contaminate it with some comment about a RESTful API and Industrial Standards. You didn’t even have the courtesy to give me a like on your way out thru the swing doors.

Thank you (seriously) for entering and making your level of Industrial Standard Skills and knowledge about RESTful APIs clear to me and all other readers. Did your comment help me? No. Was it constructive? No. Look, I don’t care, as an end user, whether the API is RESTFUL, SLEEPING or DEAD I can still get in and use its functions and methods etc.

I mentioned above that I am a hobbyist but even I know about RFC’s.

In addition, young lady. I am a retired pensioner of 61 years of age who doesn’t like being patronised.

Anyway, even though you don’t like my efforts to help the GoW community, let’s hug and make-up in the lounge. Sometimes I just feel the need to add some blud to my Ax.

For @Killerman3333

With respects, if you feel the need to request the terms of use/service/licence agreement. Then please create your own thread request and not hijack my thread to do so.

On the other hand, if you were being snide, Then, Mr Killljoyman, I already know that the Devs are aware of our efforts with the JSONs and XMLs and we have been given the all-clear with the proviso/caveat that we don’t mention new stuff you are not aware of. Such as, new kingdoms and troops etc. If you study what I wrote above you will find that I did mention ETHICS.

Again, someone appears in my lounge, does a dump on my carpet, and leaves without giving me a ‘like’.

For everyone in our marvellous GoW community:

My plan is to create the same resource for you on Google Sheets. So you can have access through PC, Mobile or Tablet.

Please take all my comments as tongue-in-cheek.

Now, where’s that Google API handbook gone to?

I already did and got nothing.[quote=“Bludax, post:10, topic:6406”]
On the other hand, if you were being snide

I was trying to be constructive by adding another method that could help the users to obtain info about the game.[quote=“Bludax, post:10, topic:6406”]

I am aware of the spoiler thread as well just to let you know and i do not actively avoid it and even ask for spoilers on a normalize basis. Also i failed ethics with a zero for the whole year in college and not for a lack of trying. Long story short i have access to the files same as you and I already have tried to hack this game so making a dump file will actually benefit my kind that can reverse engineer it and manipulate the game through that exploit. I run hot but my core runs cold and i will beat you in 17 lines of code. Also because i am a horrible person…Haz anyone seen the draft?

No problems @killerman3333

Apologies to readers. My Ax was out and hacking away before I realised it. Must be having a blood sugar problem. C’mon Killer, let’s go to the members lounge and grab a few beers, throw a yellowfin tuna on the barbie and see which of us has got the longest line of code. :innocent:


sneaks out of conversation before anyone realizes she’s gone

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@Bludax is now attending anger-management classes hosted by the Dead Rabbits. :flushed: and is on his knees begging the Devs NOT to rename him Bludax - Grumpy Grandpa :fearful:

Short answer:
Apologies to the Devs: Why should you be doing MY grunt work when I am not paying you for it. Also, you’re too busy making this great game even better. :slight_smile:

Longer answer:
My solution is to use Python (in StarSheets) as the chosen method of dealing with JSON files and other things. Interestingly, I cannot believe how powerful Windows Powershell v5 (included in Windows 10) is compared to the old bat files I played around with years ago. Awesome. I mention Powershell because it has very nice Cmdlets for dealing with JSON, XML, CSV.

Final comment:
My sincerest apologies for my ‘aggressive’ responses to a few contributors. I DO feel bad about that. :worried:

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Omg yes someone respects win10, Finally welcome to the cult of upgrades. Thank you for your hard work with the game’s underbelly and discovering it’s innards for helping other users.

Thanks @killerman3333 :slight_smile: In the spirit of ‘giving’:

Probably not many people will get this far down in the thread so will give this nugget! :flushed:

Use Notepad++ Get the Add-in JSTool. :sunglasses:

I won’t walk everyone through it but, I ended up with 6500 lines of very interesting rows of information, in my test spreadsheet, from one particular game file. Now I have a better visual appreciation I can move on. Yay!


That’s an amazing plugin :astonished: I use Notepad++ already, but that plugin made dealing with Javascript so much easier… Thank you!

I just want to thank everybody in this thread for making me feel like an idiot!

I click on the app icon and it opens. Then I start matching things that look alike… Have I been doing it wrong all along? :thinking:


On a serious note, another fine example of how civil this community is, kudos to all! I’m gonna leave now before I inadvertently learn something… :smirk:

and i wondered after installing notepad++ yesterday - why the json content was shown as only one line…
after searching for the plugin all is working as expected^^

see u in TB-Dev chat later @Bludax