[CLOSED] GoW Manager - A new tool for managing your game data

#Shutting down

Unfortunately, due to the recent migration to Unity, I’ve just found out that I won’t be able to keep updating GoWM. Because of this, I’m shutting down GoWM indefinitely. =(

If there are any change, and we ever decide to revive GoWM, I’ll make sure to inform you guys, but right now, I don’t see it happening.

Sorry for the trouble!

Hi, everyone

A few months ago, I asked a friend to develop a tool for keeping track of my GoW data. The idea was similar to turintuor’s TDM, but I wanted so many specific things that it didn’t feel right to keep bothering a stranger over and over again. So I decided to bother a friend instead (a friend who doesn’t even play GoW, btw) :blush:

At first, it was supposed to be a tool for my personal use, but it turned out to be such a great tool that I thought “Why not share it with everyone? Maybe someone will also find it useful”. So my friend made sure it could be available for everyone.


#Main Features

  1. You can quickly import your in-game data from @Lyya’s Collection page on ashtender.com (from your collection page, use the Export to CSV option from the Tools menu).
  2. Advanced search syntax. Want to find troops with the Impervious trait, that use blue, but don’t use red or yellow, and that are not of the Daemon type? Easy! trait:impervious color:blue !color:red,yellow !type:daemon. You get 2 results: Behemoth and War Sphinx!
  3. Filters. The program has some built-in filters (for example, a filter that tells you which troops can be traited with your current stones without interfering with wishlisted troops) and, if that’s not enough for you, you can even program your own filters!
  4. Kingdoms. The program calculates info about your kingdoms and shows it in a convenient way. Kingdoms have advanced search syntax and filters too.
  5. Tribute notification that gives you a warning 1 hour after the last time you clicked a button informing that you’ve collected tributes.
  6. Highly customizable interface – everything easily changed in-app.


more in the program page

#Important Notes

  • GoWM works only on Windows, but you don’t need to have Gems of War or Steam installed to use it (it just won’t look as nice).
  • Although itch.io asks if you want to make a donation, this program is completely FREE. To download it for free, just click “No thanks, just take me to the downloads” after clicking “Download Now”.
  • Everything you need to know about how to use the program should be well documented in the Help file (F1) inside the program.
  • Make sure you check for updates (Ctrl+F5) after you run the program, and then restart the program. My friend should update the installer once a week, while I’ll update troop information asap (and that info will be available if you check for updates). Remember to check for updates anytime you feel like there should be more troops listed in the program!
  • My friend, @Yusyuriv (aka Elven Princess on Steam) created an account here so he can keep track of bug reports and stuff like that. Wanna know more about him? He’s a bright young developer responsible for the website of a large Steam group called Coupon Dumpster

#Known Bugs


  • If you’re trying to import a csv file and it tells you the format in incorrect, it probably means your troop database is outdated. Check for updates (and restart GoWM) and then try importing again.

I think that’s it. If you have any feedback, any bug to report etc, we’d appreciate if you can tell us here!

I hope you enjoy :wink:


@collectorofgems this seems like a useful tool for you


@MakoSipper Thanks for sharing this amazing tool. The design is lovely, and I love the developer for supporting RegEx. :kissing_heart:

So far, I haven’t come across any bugs. Cheers. :smile_cat:


I look forward to trying this out. Might be a day or two for me before I get to it though. But I am very excited! :wink:

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This tool looks to be a worthy alternative to the amazing ToDo Monitor. I love the flexibility and attention to detail, and the built-in filters cover a large range of what someone would want to prioritize. Big kudos to your friend!


The 2 new troops have been added to GoWM!

In order to get them, you need to check for updates ( ctrl+f5 ). After that, don’t forget to Reload game’s files ( ctrl+i ) so you can see their images.

Please, tell us if anything goes wrong. :slight_smile:


Importing from CSV should be fixed now! Just make sure you update the program with ctrl+F5


I’ve found out there was a bug that made sorting troops by level not work. When Yusyuriv fixed it, we found out the last update introduced an update bug that made “checking for updates” check only for troop updates, not updates in the program.

This has also been fixed, but for you to be able to update the program, you have to download the updated version from the itch.io page.

Note that you only need to download the smaller updater file.

Also note that you’ll only need to visit the website to update GoWM this time, because the current bug messed up the update function. After this update, you’ll be able to fully update the program by simply using the ctrl+f5 shortcut from the program itself.

Sorry for the trouble! :blush:

EDIT: To answer a question, the update bug wouldn’t recognize new updates related to the program, and it would say you are up to date. A safe way to test if you have the correct version is to check if sorting troops by level is working for you. If it’s not, you should go to the itch.io page and download the updater.

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Tomorrow’s new troop added! Make sure you update GoWM (ctrl+f5) and reimport images (ctrl+i)

Still missing: Image for the new troop’s last trait. I’m gonna update it as soon as I know how it looks.

Maybe you guys noticed that some different traits share the same image (like Dark Monolith’s and Carnex’ 3rd traits). I currently have no way of knowing that before seeing the new trait, so I can add it to the list of exceptions and make sure GoWM retrieves the correct trait image. Does anyone know of a way to know how a trait will look like before actually seeing the troop? I’d appreciate any tips…

As always, don’t hesitate to report any bugs you might find.

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When I re-import my collection csv from Lyya’s site, it wipes out my fav troop saves in GoW Manager. Do I have to add fav troop saves on Lyya’s site for that information to persist?

Currently, yes. When you import from Lyya’s website, you lose any troop data saved on GoWM. =/

What do you suggest? A few options I thought (@Yusyuriv is sleeping right now, so I don’t know if they’re possible):

  1. Ask if the user wants to overwrite favorite troops with Lyya’s CSV or not (the rest is imported normally).
  2. Make it so that a troop marked as favorite only on ashtender is marked as favorite on GoWM upon import from CSV, but troops not marked as favorite on ashtender do NOT clear the hearts from GoWM if that troop is marked as fav on it. (Do you think this would have bad results sometimes?)
  3. Don’t import (or export?) favorite troops at all from (or to) ashtender.

Maybe you have another suggestion? :slight_smile:


The problem is that Lyya’s site doesn’t dial down to favorites per trait. For some troops, I don’t want to focus on all 3 of their traits.

I suppose the functionality that would make the most sense is for GoW Manager to ignore favorite troops from Lyya’s site IF you already have them set in GoW Manager.

Do you mean option 2, OR if there’s at least one filled heart on any troop on GoWM, it doesn’t import ANY favorite at all (more like option 3)?

Well, my suggestion was different from yours slightly. lol

The problem is that favorites on Lyya’s site don’t truly correlate with favorites in GoW Manager. So, I wouldn’t mix them personally. So, perhaps the best option is to ask the person if they want to import favorites from Lyya’s site. If they say no, leave favorites in GoW Manager as is. If they say yes, then overwrite favorites in GoW Manager.

Hmm, maybe this can be an option in the settings. I personally would turn it off :slight_smile:

If that’s not possible, maybe just ignore tracked troops on Lyya’s. I think you’re right, they’re not exactly correlated.

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That sounds good. :smiley_cat:

Minor update: “Storm Shield” trait will now show the proper image.

A new update is available!


  • Now you can choose between importing/exporting favorite troops or not when transfering data from/to ashtender (you should check this, @Ashasekayi ;))
  • Now it’s possible to mark/unmark as favorite traits from troops that you haven’t obtained yet, and even fav/unfav traits that have already been unlocked (that doesn’t change how they behave - more info on in-app Help files)

Stay tuned for the new troop over the next hours.

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Awesome :kissing_heart:

New update! Make sure you check for updates and reimport images!


  • New troop added: Shadowblade
  • Fixed a recent bug which would cause the file reimporting to crash when trying to reimport classes images

Again, we’d appreciate if you take your time to report any bugs you might find :slight_smile: