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Does anyone have a program or spreadsheet

So I had built myself a little program and was tracking a bunch of stuff about my troops, kingdoms, spending etc.

Well my computer system had a two stage failure (lost both drives due to one of the drives having an electrical discharge.

I was going to start recreating my program but figured I would ask this time to see what others created before going back and redoing mine.

I need to track troop (type, team, kingdom, etc) along with Kingdom work (what’s been finished and which are at what level with what bonuses, my class work and of course my guild/spending work.

I was using the nice http://ashtender.com/gems/ for data points and my test team building ideas.

So that’s where I am (I was playing GoW on my phone btw… )

You can try mine: GoW: ToDo Monitor

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thank you … i will install it on my new machine tomorrow