StarSheets and Update 2.0

StarSheets has now been updated with all 2.0 changes: Buffs and new troops have been added.

Morthani’s Will and Wraith/

NEW: Hero’s are also now included.

These include Troops (and Mythic), Kingdom Banner, Mana colours and Traitstones.

2 New Kingdoms have been added. Apocalyptic (hidden) and Glacial Peaks were added last week.

Kingdom Stars Sheet.

Want to get those Gold Stars but don’t know which kingdom to go for?

Can’t decide which troops to level up to get those extra points?

Can’t decide which traitstones you can use in a kingdom to earn even more points?

Want to know how many Souls you need to upgrade those troops? This is for you!

Navigation is easy, just click the buttons or ctrl-click the links. No need to scroll around.

Allows you to see on one page how you are doing and what you can do to to decide which kingdoms to proritize when deciding which troops need levelling up, in which kingdom, and which traitstones you can use to increase your points towards those Gold Stars. You can also move between the table and each kingdom to see more details.

New Players need information:

For new players (and forgetful people like me) there are sheets showing:

  1. Tribute, Banners, Skills, and Mana Colours updated for all Kingdoms
  2. Traitstones - Types and where/how to get them
  3. Ascension and Disenchantment Tables
  4. All troops, Mana colours, kingdoms, Troop Type and Traits.

What about your progress?

There are also data sheets that also show you your progress as you get more experience at this superb game.

  1. All troops and levels Table
  2. Troop Base Rarity and Ascended Rarity Count Tables
  3. Souls Analysis Table: Yes, We need A LOT of these bad-boys!
  4. Traits Analysis Table

The Help Sheet has had some love
The links sheet has also had some love.

If you are under level 600 this is the resource for you.
GoWStarSheets7 can be downloaded from:

Just click on the Download zip button.

Unfortunately, I do not use MS Office.

Fortunately LibreOffice is free to download and free to use.
You can download LibreOffice 5.1 from here:

When you open StarSheets click on the Help Tab and follow the instructions.

Screenshots are viewable here:



Thanks for the update. :smile_cat:

Thanks @Ashasekayi :slight_smile:

A lot has been done under the bonnet with much checking and testing.
There is a hidden formula sheet now where I keep some important stuff centrally.

Next version WILL include the Hero Classes.

Just copy and paste from old sheets to new then adjust. job done and you are ready to rock and roll. In the future I’d like to make it a one click transfer of data from old sheet to new sheet. But, hey, I like to play Gems of War too. :slight_smile:

Guild Promotion: (Gotta get it in while I have the chance). I also have a Guild to look after. We (Darkfall) reached level 20 today. Yay. :flushed: