Troops, Souls, Traitstones & Kingdoms Tracking Spreadsheet (Silverglade Update)

UPDATED 20th Jan 2017 (Silverglade)

Hi Everyone,

I was wondering how many more souls and traitstones I still needed to farm to level up all of my troops. So I made myself a spreadsheet that calculates it for you. It turns out its a lot :slight_smile:. I would love this as an in game feature, but as its not, this spreadsheet will have to do!

The spreadsheet calculates and shows how many traitstones and souls you still need, kingdom levels, tributes, skill bonuses, etc. pretty much all you will ever need to know about your GoW game.

Below are screenshots of the Summary and Kingdom Summary pages:
(showing my progress as of 20th Jan 2017)

Below are more screenshots of souls, traitstones and kingdom info tabs from the spreadsheet:

I’m posting the spreadsheet here on the forum, in case anyone else would like to use it to see how many more resources they still need to farm. The spreadsheet also has lots of other info about all the troops, so it can be used as a reference guide if you wish.

If you would like to use the spreadsheet feel free, there is a link to download it below (hopefully it works, if it doesn’t let me know). There are instructions in the spreadsheet on how to use it, but its pretty simple, just fill in 5 fields for each troop:

  1. Own troop: Y/N
  2. Level: number
  3. Trait 1 acquired: Y or blank
  4. Trait 2 acquired: Y or blank
  5. Trait 3 acquired: Y or blank

The spreadsheet does the rest.


Have fun using it and hopefully when you see the huge amount of resources you probably still need it wont be too disheartening :grin:.

Thanks for reading


Also a big thank you to @Lyya , her great website was an invaluable source of Gems of War information to help me making this, you should check it out if you haven’t already.


This is beautiful. Well done!

I’ll definitely be giving this a try and sharing it with my guildmates; thxs @tanis! :slight_smile:

This is fancy, I have been to lazy to put something like this together. So you rock!! Will definitely be using this, thanks for being awesome!

EDIT: I kinda love you

Bookmarked for quick reference and to share with newbies

So, yeah; I still need over a million souls…but I’m 1/3 of the way there. That’s good right; right? :sob:

Quickly go farm 801 souls and then it will be less than a million… maybe you’ll feel re-energized then :wink:


Haha! I think I actually have over 1,000 sitting there so I don’t even need to farm them! Easy peasy! :wink:

This looks amazing! Thank you for putting this together. I will definitely be checking it out. :wink:

I moved it over to Community guides for easier finding

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this will be handy with my how many lvls, traits do you need for the next star…

This is awesome, thank you! :smiley:

Now if version 2 could also calculate Kingdom Levels, that’d be even better.

thank you so much!!

LE: so much work to do…

Nice work @tanis :+1:

@actreal I’ll try to add that in a couple of weeks, I’m going to be crazy busy for a bit, but hopefully I will have time in a fortnight

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Here are my totals only LVL 414 but still trucking along!!!

Nice sheet, took a bit to get all the info in there.

Is there a password to unlock this so that I can add some of my own calculations?

@TheLizzah Yes its ‘Gems’ . It does say it on the instructions tab, the furthest right tab. You might not see the tab if your are on a smallish screen, just click the right arrow next to the spreadsheet tabs. I’m working on a large screen and it shows all the tabs by default, someone else asked me the same question, so I think it something to do with screen size not showing all the spreadsheet.

@TheLizzah. also I don’t know why your total souls in GoW on your screenshot is wrong. It should be 1.5 million ish. Have you changed Y to N on column C? you shouldn’t have.

Yes I changes a few of the troops as I’m using this for the PS4 version as there are troops that have not been released yet. There are about 55 ones that we still don’t have. As I add them then that total will update.

I added my total trait stones to the main progress page sot that I can see exactly how many more stones I still need on each one and how many extra I have of others.

I play both the PS$ version and PC/Mobile.