[Reported] Graphics Gone in Battles

Hey everyone,

I’m following up with the development team to get an update on the status as to when this issue will be fixed.

Once I have an update I’ll post it here.

OminousGMan - Support Human :male_detective:


Been over a month of this (very annoying) issue :sweat_smile: Hope it gets fixed soon.


If the bug gave players any advantages, then it would have been fixed long ago


Waiting to see this campaign bug fixed in the first hour devs arrive to work :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Another week, another nothing. Can we slow down on the events and fix the bugs please?


Et surtout, pour ceux qui en bavent depuis un mois en mettant parfois deux ou trois minutes pour jouer un combat de niveau 1 en un tour, ne nous faites pas l’aumône des 50 gemmes habituels lorsque vous aurez enfin décidé dans un mois si ce n’est plus de vous occuper enfin de fournir aux joueurs une application qui fonctionne.


You really would think they’d done something to this by now, if all the new players on android are seeing the same… Well… I wouldn’t continue playing a game that is annoying and looks extremely broken… And still no answer on the progress, if there is any. Even a “huh, that’s weird” or “this bug is just too strong, sorry” would be nice…


As it seems we are going to be stuck with this bug for some time… How many different versions of the opposing hero have you found just before it turns black or white? I saw 3 on my way to pvp tier 1. Most common was the “lego gems of war” where the hero becomes a pile of blocks. Few times I saw the “rated R version” Where the hero gets naked for a brief moment. Only once today there was the “late from the photo shoot” displaying only the background with the hero missing completely from the picture…

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This is getting ridiculous. I have been playing the game for nearly 4 years, and now it is getting close to unplayable despite having a recent phone (Samsung A32, Android).
Still no word from the devs about any clear intention to cope with it.
Please deal with it quick!!

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It’s a feature of the game at this point.

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Sorry everyone, we’ve tried several fixes but none seem to have fixed it. We also don’t seem to be able to reproduce the issue on any of our devices, so we are basically testing a fix, checking in with you folks and others who have reported it, testing another fix, checking in again etc.

We’ve been looking for patterns with the affected players but have found no patterns:

  • Device models
  • Android versions
  • Region (although if region had anything to do with it the fixes we tried and the troubleshooting we’ve asked you all to do definitely would have fixed this issue already)

Basically, we’re trying a bunch of stuff and looking for clues as to what on earth is causing it from what you’re all sharing with us.

If we have any significant updates we will let you know, but we have been actively working on this and trying different things to no avail so far :thinking:


Weird that it can’t be reproduced as most/all android players are experiencing it… I think it might have something to do with the minimum gems the players are having, because you’re testing profiles most likely have plenty. So the easiest way to test this is to send me 2k of gems, right? right? I’m just too funny…

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Try older models that can’t handle anything but low graphics. On my devices, it switches back to low no matter how many times I set it any higher.

Not sure if that’s the actual issue but you should be able to reproduce it that way.

I can give you exact device names and android version data to find such a device if you don’t have it.

Hello Kafka, Thank you for letting us know you are working on it.
Very strange that you cannot experience it.
As for me, device model: Samsung A32, Android version 13, Région: France.
The bug has been going on for around one month, not sure exactly of the date.
As you know, icons of allies or ennemies unit turn white or black. It also causes dramatic lags, specially when there are animations on icons due to status effect.
The game was running just fine on the anterior version on the very same phone (who is recent).
As other have say, when we try to change the graphic option, it always switch back to low.
It is the low setting which seem to cause problem.
Hope my english was clear enough for you to understand.


Same issue here, but this always happened with me. Even before this error.

steam fine here and galaxy S21 (not plus or ultra) has the above issue

Isn’t it only a Android issue anyway? :thinking:

But that’s a modern phone so can it do and keep graphics higher than low - and if so, is it still occurring?

It’s so extremely annoying and irritating. :sweat_smile:

Has anyone who uninstalled and then reinstalled the game on their device still been experiencing this issue?

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Uninstalled and then reinstalled just now and it fixed my issues.

Reinstalling helped me for about a day. Next day blank troops returned with vengeance.

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