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Tried playing on my phone and the colors are all messed up

So I got a new phone (bq aquaris M5) and decided to try Gems of War on it. The game works fine but the colors are really weird, like they are corrupted. Any idea what could be the problem?

Have you got green-ish tinges around a lot of the images?

If so, that’s a problem with a specific chipset on some devices (particularly prevalent on certain Samsung phones).

It’s actually an issue in Adobe Air. We think we have a workaround for it - we’re planning to fully investigate it next week. We’ll have some more info then.

Yeah. Looking forward to the fix, thanks

I’m seeing this also. I’m on an LG V10 (Verizon, Marshmallow). Any news?

There are several more recent threads on this subject, it was not necessary to necro a six-month-old support thread. The devs have said it is an issue with Adobe Air, and they are at Adobe’s mercy for a fix.