[Not a Bug] No graphics on glory troop (again) - Android

Android has no graphics again for the new glory troop - why are we back to that problem after it has been fine for a long time now?

Please fix. Thanks!

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After logging into my other account I noticed that this issue was only on one account. This may be why I didn’t get any replies or anything.

The one that doesn’t have graphics doesn’t have them on any of my devices.

Not sure why that is the case.

Restarting and all that didn’t do anything at all, but uninstalling and installing again did.

Not sure if I’m the only account that was affected but if anyone’s is, that could help you as well.

Since it’s on all devices, it’s an account problem, not a device issue.

I have this issue and I have no interest in reinstalling the game. It might as well just appear blank since I won’t use the troop at all. It also reflects how much the devs are thinking about the game: void as there is none

I’m actually using the troop in WE this week. Not that it make much of a difference that it has art now with that going black, white, or blank again and again.

But it still bothered me, especially since I had art on the other account. :sweat_smile:

The team could at least have acknowledged that there’s a problem but they’ve gone radio silence since we called them out on the "never planned’ vault event.


Just cross posting!

Hi there

Your suggestion did not work…

Hey @Borjay

If what I suggested didn’t work, the likely case is that the something happened to the art asset and it experienced an when it was downloaded.

When this happens the way to it is to uninstall and reinstall Gems of War.

OminousGMan - Support Human :male_detective:

It happened to be on one of my accounts on 3 different devices while the second account that is also on these devices isn’t affected at all - but it’s not a bug?

What was it, then? A feature? :rofl:

Mind you, I didn’t update all 3 devices at the same time, nor did I open the game on my devices at the same time (which wouldn’t work anyway). But when I updated the original account, the 2nd one gets updated as well regarding downloaded assets (which I always do when a graphics issue occurs). So it should have had the same issue, but it didn’t.

Had it been one device (and both accounts) I’d grant you that the issue was on my side. But on three devices but only on one account?

Come on!

It’s a bug. Maybe one that needs to be solved on the side of the affected players but it’s still a bug.