[Reported] Display bug with Reflect damage

Platform, device version and operating system:
Steam, Win 10 Pro

Screenshot or image:
(I keep forgetting to screenshot this… doh)
Used Mirror Orb on myself → waited to get attacked → attacker’s card left shifted to the left into the playfield.
Re-cast Mirror Orb on myself, and got attacked again:

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
Started happening after some update in (mid?) December.
Whenever I get a Reflect status on one of my units, and it gets attacked in some way, the attacker’s card gets gets shifted to the left on the screen (like the attack animation only plays halfway through and doesn’t return it to original position), quickly causing it to overlap the gem playfield itself, which makes it impossible to see and/or interact with the gems there.
One extreme case I saw earlier today, I ended up with the attacker’s card getting shifted all the way over to the left side of the screen, overlapping one of my own units.
Another interesting thing I saw today (that I didn’t see before), is that if I used the Trickster’s Trick Shot ability to switch enemy places, the bugged card would still remain in it’s incorrect position inside the gem playfield, instead of returning to the correct right side area. edit it would get shifted up but not to the right. So it was in the right slot (from slot 3 to 1), but was still inside the playfield.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Happens any time I gain Reflect status on any of my units. Never seen it happen the other way (ie reflect from enemy shifting my cards). Started happening around mid-December (before xmas).

Steps to make it happen again
Gain Reflect status. Get attacked → attacker card shifted to left on attack animation, not returning back after.


I had exactly the same thing happen twice today image|690x387

Now 5X. Twice in one game

This is being investigated.

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Thanks @kris11 for linking the original thread.

And thanks @Danko and @Mariana for the additional reports and information, that actually helped a lot :slight_smile:


I got this today. Windows 10, Steam, 4.7.5

Thanks @Megaqwerty I’ve updated the bug report with the latest report information.

This can happen on the player’s side too.

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This happened today, enemy troop almost on top of my hero, thinking it’s related to the reflect issues, but first time I’ve seen an enemy get this friendly. :smirk: Using Reflection Of Good.

Troop hit reflect twice (am using Mirror Orb), and now the game is suggesting a gem move with a gem behind the troop (a brown match), which is impossible to do when playing with mouse.

I had similar thing happen to me as Kris11 back in the session when I made the first post in this thread.

Here the troop has shifted again to left after 3rd reflect…
and after the 4th reflect.
As can be seen, it keeps shifting to the left & slightly upwards each time.
Oddly enough, I have only seen my own troop shift to the right from attacking a reflect target only once so far.

(because this is driving me nuts, happens to me all the time, every day)…

Is there a chance this might be happening because I run the game in windowed mode?
Playing on Steam, win 10, windowed mode (not with the Full Screen mode enabled in config), with the window itself being maximized by double clicking on the window bar.

Same problem on smartphone/app.

Especially annyoing as I tried pure faction in mirrored halls some days ago. Many reflects were put on my own troops. They got attacked by the enemy, thus: 4 enemy troops hanging over the play area and blocking me from combining gems on the right side of the board (no screenshots though).

Same happens over and over again today in the new faction event. In this example I am using a Divinia. She put reflect on my hero. Hero got attacked. Result:

Classic picture of a pure faction attempt in mirrored halls. The visual bug “works” on enemy and your own troops, when a reflect using unit gets attacked.

Happened to me again. That’s several times now. No longer bother with screenshots as this has been reported numerous times and no fix


I am sure that @Kafka will revisit this thread to give you an update.

Hey, we have a bug report for this for the team and they are currently working on some bug fixes, I’m not sure if this one will make it into the next update but it is on the radar don’t worry.

I’ll give you more info when I have it.

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And again in last ToD battle of the week

Still not fixed as of last patch btw.
3 months getting frustrated with this bug…

You can create two crappy boring events yet this extremely annoying bug has STILL not been fixed!