Enemy turn doesn't happen (gems don't move)

Platform, device version and operating system
Windows 7, Acer PC/Steam

Screenshot or image
Couldn’t take one, sorry. :confused:

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened
I expected a match to be normal.
Instead, in two of three matches (first and third dungeon battle today), the enemy took a turn, but didn’t make the match. As in, I saw the pointer that indicates where the enemy makes its move pick a gem and the pointer moved, but the gems didn’t and remained in place, hence the enemy also didn’t get any Mana. The turn then switched back to me.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
It happened in two of three battles, one time in each battle. I have not tested in a larger scope as I have no time to play more today.

Steps to make it happen again
Unknown. All I know is that I play on 4x speed and that both times it happened in dungeon battles. It’s definitely a nicer bug than the one where the enemy gets two turns, but yeah… maybe it’s another “player plays too fast”-issue? I mean, I don’t feel like I’m playing very fast, but who knows…

I saw this bug multiple times but they only happened at the start of the battles so i assume it has something to do with matching gems before the traits finish activating

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Hmm, interesting. For me, it definitely wasn’t at the start of the battle, but several turns into it. How odd.

I get it at the start more often, but i have been getting it in mid game lately

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@Sheba do you remember if you tried to take your turn a little early while the enemy was trying to make their match or before it started trying to make a match?

Do you remember what your last move was before the issue occurred?

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I do remember making a normal turn (I didn’t cast a spell). I also am pretty sure that one of the two times, I had an extra turn (4-match, then 3-match, then the AI had its turn) while the other time I did just a 3-match.

I also am absolutely sure I didn’t try to make my turn early. Because of my colorblindness, I kinda always need to check for a moment after an AI turn to make sure I don’t miss any new 4-matches since some of the colors are pretty similiar for me. So I can guarantee that I didn’t meddle in the not-happened turn of the AI.

Not sure if relevant, but the turn of the AI that didn’t happen was both times a 3-match, not a 4- or 5-match. One of the times it was a move where the result would have been matching two rows of three, though. So like
And the AI wanted to switch the first two up to get the two rows. Which then didn’t happen, so I did that then.
I don’t remember what the other turn was; with 4x speed it’s sometimes a bit hard to follow exactly what the AI matches. I just remember the first time because I then took that match for myself. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey sorry for the very slow reply, I’ve been off work sick with the flu!

It’s possible the 4.0 update has fixed this issue, so if you notice it again now after the update please let me know!

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No worries, hope you are feeling better!
I didn’t notice it so far in 4.0, but will keep my eyes open and post here again if it happens. :slight_smile:

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