Gem Match / Mana Bug


I looked to see if this has been reported and I am not finding anything on the issue.

The AI is occasionally taking an extra turn on 3-gem matches, I am not getting an extra turn on 4-gem matches and some matches are not giving mana to my troops. Before it’s asked, no my troop is not silenced or under some status effect.

I originally thought it was an animation issue, because I was playing at x4 speed, so I slowed the animation down to x1 (wow, that is brutal) and it still happened. I asked about it in our guild Discord and others said they have noticed it. The too said at first they thought they were imagining it, but as it has happened more, it is becoming a huge issue.

Platform, device version and operating system
Mainly on Android, Samsung Galaxy S8, but it is happening on PC occasionally too.

Screenshot or image
No, but I occasionally stream, so planning on trying to capture this happening on stream and will make a clip to send you.

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened
AI 3-gem match, should have become my turn, there was no “extra turn” displayed, but the AI took a another turn. Some times, it happens multiple times in a row and becomes VERY game breaking.

I made a 4-gem match, expecting to get another turn, but there was no “extra turn” displayed and it became the AI’s turn.

In the latest instance of this issue: Saw my Hero (using Hope’s Crescent) at 14/15 mana, matched 3 red gems and my Hero remained at 14/15 mana.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
This happens daily, multiple times - I wish there was a way to easily record my mobile games sense I play on it most. I vaguely recall this in the past, but it has become a real issues since 3.5 released.

Steps to make it happen again
Just play, game mode doesn’t seem to matter for it happening.


It happened a few times in my Xbox 1 as well. Made me angry as f***, because it often allowed the AI to get a 5-cascade filled with skulls, effectively managing to kill my last creature while only having one hp itself. As for the unrecieved extra turns though, it hasn’t affected me (yet), but it has affected a few of my guild members.


On my client bug most often comes like i match 4, so i should get extra turn, but before i get extra turn, ai matches 2 lines in diffrent places just like that still on my turn, and then i get extra turn…


Still getting these bugs! Would love to hear the devs at least acknowledge it and tell us what they are doing about it, but nope, not even on the known bug list.


Hey, does this only happen in your first move for the battle or in the middle of battle too?
Did any Doom skulls explode when you made the 4 Gem matches which you had this issue with?

The last issue is a different one,was your hero under a status effect?
What banner were you using for your team?
Which opponents were you facing?


Thanks for the response, @Kafka.

This happens in the middle of the game it has happened with and without doomskulls. For example earlier I matched 4 red gems, which would have given my Hero (with Hope’s Crescent equipped) who was 12/15 at the time, full mana and an extra turn. I made the move and was still at 12/15 AND got no extra turn. I was not under any status effects at the time.

This happens regardless of banner equipped, troops being used or opponents I am facing. The most recent time it happened I was using: Hero (Hero’s Crescent), Old Man Oakroot, Baba Yaga abd Queen Mab using the Dragon Banner vs. the Stage 8 Towers in Invasion.

FWIW: I am noticing it a lot more on mobile. I streamed an hour the other night trying to catch it on PC to send you the clip and only caught one small thing that I will clip and send soon.


Great, a video will be very helpful thank you! @Zerbious


Still trying to get an opportunity to stream, my wife is working from home a lot in the evenings/weekends lately and taking over my office to do so.

However here is a screen grab of a current match, a Knight class event fight, where my hero was at 14/15 and I just matched 3 red gems and he is still sitting at 14/15.


It’s really hard to say without a video unfortunately.

Did you take your turn very quickly?


Which is why I have posted with this feature request! Something that could greatly help with such things.


I’ve seen the issue as well, but it did give me the mana, just to the wrong troop. It skipped the first troop and filled the 3rd troops mana.


@Psithe can you please tell me the date/time this occurred, who you were fighting?
I’ll need to take a closer look at that battle.


I don’t remember when it was, but seems like it’s happened a couple times. I usually have the Nvidia replay feature enabled, but need to get it working again.


I’m still grtting this regularly, mainly playing on mobile, so no way to record it happening. Is there anything we can do to better help devs track this down?


Please update your game to version 4.0 for this issue to be resolved.

If you notice losing 4/5 Gem matches please note the team you and the enemy are using and explain what exactly occurred on the board (e.g. a cascade, what Gems you matched, etc) if you can’t provide a video. :slight_smile: