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AI moving twice at the same time (Fixed)

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What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened
The AI moved two gems at two different spots at the same time and gaining mana from both matches.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
It’s happened multiple times but more often when playing PvP

Steps to make it happen again
_Do you know how to make this happen?
No I don’t know how to replicate it because its random.

Has anyone else experienced this?


I had this happen once when I took the first turn too quickly. I believe it is related to the bug where you don’t get an extra turn if you make the first move too quickly.

Similarly, I today had the AI swap a gem and cast a spell at the same time on the first turn (it was an Empowered Ettin).


Wow, I haven’t experienced that one. Just the usual – AI taking my extra turn when I made 4-gem matches, and AI also taking extra turns when it does 3-gem matches.

Mine was during PvP too.

Your situation certainly takes the ‘extra turns’ to a whole new level.

I hope it all gets fixed soon.

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It’s only happens randomly in the middle of the battle, usually when it’s my turn after a 4 gem match. Sometimes it will highlight two different gems like the AI would if it was making move then disappear.
It’s super weird


see here also


The same thing happens to me every couple of days.

In the beginning of the battle, I make my first move, a 4-gem match. Then the AI highlights two gems and makes two moves at the same time, gaining mana from both.

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I feel like I’ve seen it, but at 4x it’s too hard to tell if it was an illusion. It’s at best a visual glitch that’s very confusing.

Yup. Seconded. This happens to me quite a bit. I think neight is right. It’s probably linked to the same bug, if you move to fast on first turn PC will go twice. I usually have it happen on its first turn. But it might be linked to them going first, which happens to, but not as often.

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Are you all playing on 4x animation speed?
I feel like this might be the extra turn bug but with some kind of lag plus x4 speed causing it to make the 2 moves at almost the same time.

Not only does the AI go twice at times I have observed the following things.

If you go too quickly at any point in the match, not just first turn, weird things happen.

I have cast ubastet as soon as I could after AI finished and the spell emptied into nothing (no barier on opponent).

Enemy Mercy will give an extra turn when it can’t. I have reviewed this and wondered if somehow a bounce from another match let yellow fall into place but it seems bugged sometimes - when you have gone too quickly the turn before.

I have matched 4 skulls in a line waiting for me just now at the end of a game with 1 dawnbringer left on AI after killing previous troop and it gave the turn back after giving damage. It has probably happened in excess of 200 times whilst playing recently.

I have fired Divine Protector and ‘extra turn’ pops up and AI steals a go before I can go again. That must have happened 20 plus times. Now I stop, wait til all animations top and then fire. It has worked. On some occasions the AI will move in two places when it isn’t even it’s turn.

I have seen AI troops take mana without their colours on the board, when I have gone before animations finish.

I believe it is to do with the animation strobes the AI has after casting spells, if you go before they finish (ever since 3.4) you can lose your turn even if you can go.

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have had this happen as well, with graphics set to lowest possible level. i play on ipad and steam

@xolid99 it sounds like you’re making your move before the Traits have finished calculating. This is a known issue which will be fixed in the next update.

We have an article about it here:

Okay, that’s good to hear, but will the double move bug be fixed, too, or just the 4-5 gem match bug? (If it makes any difference, I got the double bug in a quest match, on PC.)

I’ve had this bug too. For me it seems to happen more on the first move and I am not at 4x

I have had the double match three times in two days, once during a guild fight. I always let the traits finish their animations and I am not using 4x speed. Each time, the two moves resulted in a chain of extra turns for the AI. Hope this info helps.

This issue is corrected with the latest update, version 4.0. As such I will close this thread. If you believe the issue is continuing please create a new bug report so we can track the problem appropriately


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