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Ai doing some weird $#!+ (stuff 😝)

Ai doing some weird Stuff
. I took a 4 match at beginning of battle. The Ai took 2 three matches at the exact same time. Then a 4 match while at the same time taking a 3 match. Then gave up it’s turn.
Never seen it go that crazy.

@Tacet didnt it do something like that during one of your recent streams?

could this be an after effect of a not getting an extra turn fix?

also when taking a 4 or 5 gem match the ai looks like it tries to take a turn but only wiggles a gem keeping it on your turn.

@Kafka @Cyrup


I had 1 instance where the exact thing happened to me. A 4x leading to end of turn with AI taking 2 moves instantly at the same time with no delay.


had it happen couple times in explore,saw it taking 2 matches at the same time…thought i was tripping tbh xD

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I’m still trying to figure out how it got broken in the first place.
But yeah… No eta on a fix… So it looks like it’s only going to get worse before they can make it better.

My theory is… When the AI is scaled to be on super hard mode in terms of difficulty. It’ll just say F it to the “rules” that are supposed to govern it.
Within 10 seconds of the start of the match. I’m starting to easily see if the AI is on super easy mode… Or Super hard mode (there’s no in between).
I only see the bugs in gem mechanics during super hard mode.


I waited ten seconds before grabing the four match. ai still went crazy

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Wait, so I might not have been imagining things? I had one game where the AI seemed to be moving two gems exactly at the same time, for two simultaneous 3-matches, one in the upper right and one in the lower left.


Same happened to me. Beginning of a match, I took a 4 match and the AI took 2 3-matches at the exact same time - opposite sides of the board. This issue only happened once for me.

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Happened twice to me, once in pet rescue and once in PvP. Both times I had taken a 4 match at the start of the game.

I’ve also had a really weird bug happen only once. I can’t quite rule out that my mind was playing tricks on me but this is how it went down:

  • Took a 4 match
  • Mercy flashed up on the screen and all purples converted to yellow. This gave the opponent an extra turn
  • However, both mine and the opponent’s Mercy still had full mana. As in, straight away. Before any cascades even started happening.

Obviously I lost shortly afterwards

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Happened to me today.
Paragon GW match against Goblins.
Needless to say that I lost miserably. While it’s never a “sure” win against Goblins, it was definitely a doable match, given the starting board I had. This is crap; something like that should not ruin GW.


Had this happen to me multiple times now. Literally just a second in explore. Also seen it in PvP, pet rescue and challenges. Um where’s the fix? Because how is this war if guild wars are going on?

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So sorry for the delayed reply.

Are you all playing on 4x animation speed?
I feel like this might be the extra turn bug but with some kind of lag plus x4 speed causing it to make the 2 moves at almost the same time.

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In my case, I play on 3x speed. I’ve had cases where the AI took two moves and both were rejected (so the turn stayed mine) and others where the AI took two moves and registered both. Fortunately in that latter case, they were always pairs of 3-matches, so I never saw the game go batty the way the OP did.

Regardless of whether it’s animation lag, the AI should not be taking two consecutive moves that are both 3-matches!

We are in the progress of investigating this more closely.

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For me I had divine team that instantly turned into Goblins and the AI had 4 Choppers and it used them all at once leaving me with 4 dead troops and a broken controller. JK :slight_smile: