Gem Match / Mana Bug


Hi @Kafka

The OP mentions a couple of bugs. This video pertains to not getting an extra turn after a 4-5 gem match. Hope it helps.

Mobile IPhone8+ IOS 12.1


I’ve been seeing this as I’ve been using Doomskulls a bit lately and having no idea why AI was still going when I matched 3/4 of a board.

Great video - so it’s still doing what it was doing before 4.0, sneaking in turns in 4 gems -> cascades.

Thanks for posting.


I’ve been seeing the no-extra-turn bug too.

Today in pet rescue with none of my team frozen: cast Glaycion and match 4 yellow/blue gems, but don’t get an extra turn.

PC, probably was using Mountain Crusher (Frost Mage) / Glaycion / Apothecary / King Bloodhammer.


@Bernice Thanks so much for the video!

From your video we can see that you have a +10 Doomed Blade.
Its affix exploded 2 random Blue Gems which caused a chain reaction explosion (not a match) with the Doom Skulls.

This is currently working as intended, however I’ve passed on feedback that players would like the execution order of matches/spells/traits/affixes etc reviewed.


While this goes beyond bug reports, perhaps weapon affixes could be reviewed so that such situations do not occur? Weapons that create gems should not explode them, for precisely the reason shown here: it leads to confusing outcomes that cannot be distinguished from coding errors or race conditions. (There are many other such booby traps among the weapon affix lists, but that’s a topic for another thread.)


Hi @Kafka.

Ah, OK I get it now.

Thank you for replying and passing on that feedback.