Gem Match / Mana Bug

Hi @Kafka

The OP mentions a couple of bugs. This video pertains to not getting an extra turn after a 4-5 gem match. Hope it helps.

Mobile IPhone8+ IOS 12.1


I’ve been seeing this as I’ve been using Doomskulls a bit lately and having no idea why AI was still going when I matched 3/4 of a board.

Great video - so it’s still doing what it was doing before 4.0, sneaking in turns in 4 gems -> cascades.

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I’ve been seeing the no-extra-turn bug too.

Today in pet rescue with none of my team frozen: cast Glaycion and match 4 yellow/blue gems, but don’t get an extra turn.

PC, probably was using Mountain Crusher (Frost Mage) / Glaycion / Apothecary / King Bloodhammer.

@Bernice Thanks so much for the video!

From your video we can see that you have a +10 Doomed Blade.
Its affix exploded 2 random Blue Gems which caused a chain reaction explosion (not a match) with the Doom Skulls.

This is currently working as intended, however I’ve passed on feedback that players would like the execution order of matches/spells/traits/affixes etc reviewed.

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While this goes beyond bug reports, perhaps weapon affixes could be reviewed so that such situations do not occur? Weapons that create gems should not explode them, for precisely the reason shown here: it leads to confusing outcomes that cannot be distinguished from coding errors or race conditions. (There are many other such booby traps among the weapon affix lists, but that’s a topic for another thread.)

Hi @Kafka.

Ah, OK I get it now.

Thank you for replying and passing on that feedback.


I keep loosing turns today because of this “upgrade”. So essentially I spent over 2k gems for a weapon to cost me extra turns?
How the frog (so I don’t banned for swearing) can this be intended?
I guess your intention is for us players not to upgrade our weapons? 🤦

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@awryan sorry we have multiple threads about the affixes so I’ve posted this elsewhere but obviously missed doing so in this thread:

Obviously this is something we’re going to look into because it’s not obvious what’s happening on screen.
I’m not sure what changes will be made or when but it’s something on our list of things to improve.


Hey Kafka, it happens all the time to me lately. i notice it pretty much every battle. It just happened to me the last battle i fought today at about 2:05 PM Pacific time. I was doing challenges in Glacial Peaks. It happens in other Kingdoms and such for probably the last week or to from what Ive noticed. I’m using Warlords Battlecry, Marid, Little Johnny Bronze, and Tyri currently but have noticed it with other teams also. So how about just fixing the problem. it’s getting very annoying. Thanks for listening.

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This has become an increasingly troublesome issue. It started a few months back and has worsened over time. I took the advice of Kafka and tried to slow my turns down, it still happens, with or without doomskulls in play, yet it NEVER happens to the AI. This is very bothersome especially with a deck that is built around getting extra turns.

Video, please. I have never noticed it myself, so it would be good to watch it happen to someone else. Who knows—maybe it’s been happening to me for months, and it never occurred to me to look at my mana totals and check.

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@Hezekiah Are you able to record a video of it happening as you experience the issue so frequently?
We would definitely fix it if it was as simple as taking a look at some code and doing so, however, there are several calculations and steps the game processes between your making a match or casting a spell and the next turn, there’s also hundreds-thousands of possible scenarios this issue could specifically be happening in.

The more information we have the easier it is for us to pinpoint the exact cause of the issue.
If we have video of the issue we’ll be able to see at what step the issue is occurring and in which exact scenario it’s occurring in.

Also, do you experience this issue when you’re not using your Hero?
Warlord’s Battlecry +9 explodes a gem as well so it could be like the video above where a Gem in a 4x match is getting exploded before the Gems are matched - which is currently intended but as mentioned, definitely something we’ll be reviewing.

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Gem matches yield less than they should so frequently now, that I thought it was just another way the game cheats at Warlord IV. It’s bad enough that the AI gets 4 to 5 cascades almost every turn, but when I make even a 3 match and get 0 to 2 mana, it makes me want to stop playing. The difficulty is there but when I can’t think my way out of it,it’s just bad game design. Punishing for no reason. I’ve lost plenty of games because I cascaded 0 mana. It’s beyond frustrating game play.

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At risk of sounding like a broken record, if you have any way to take video while you play that would help. Maybe there is something about the board state, or a weird race condition with traits that is causing the issue; that kind of thing wouldn’t show up easily in a screenshot.

It would be amazing if the game displayed a text log of everything that happened in a match. It would make bug reporting easier for us.