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Exta turn not given at the start of battles

I currently play on my Samsung Galaxy Tablet

At the first move of random battles, I am not receiving an extra turn after matching four or five gems. It only happens at the first gem match of a battle and not every battle.

This problem began with the upgrade and has happened to me on 9 or 10 battles throughout the past week. It does not seem to matter what color the gems or if it is 4 skulls. It has happened in PVP, Raid Boss and Explore battles.


Yep happens to many other players too. It already have several posts on that issue on the forum

Thank you, I scanned the topic list but must have missed it.

Hi everybody
I have this problem with my phone (Samsung A5 2017)
it usually happens when I fight against goblins

I hope the problem will be solved before Monday, when the guild wars start

This has been reported in a few different threads over the past two weeks. There hasn’t been too much hate thus far given its not the end of the world in Raids, PvP, Explore and Invasions.

However, if it’s not addressed by Monday, this forum’s gonna implode when it occurs to people in Guild Wars.

@Cyrup @Vexx @Ozball - care to comment on what is happening to rectify this issue that’s crept in since the update.


My guess is if we get a response at all it will take the form:

Sorry, we’re too busy working on the new kingdom to do anything about this just yet. I mean, sure, I guess we could delay the kingdom until “basic gameplay” works, but we really need a boost to gem purchases this quarter.


in 30min this morning, it happens 5x and 2 matches lost through this :neutral_face:

Same has happened to me. I’m not sure if this is always the case, but it seems to be when I match 4 gems very quickly on my first turn. Also the AI did a weird thing when it happened to me last: it cast Mercy’s spell (Mercy was empowered) while also matching a gem at the same time on screen. Very strange, seeing two actions occur at the same time!

I never noticed anything on mine.

It has happens slat least 20 times to me to match a 4-5 gems and not get an extra turn since 3.4 hit.

today i had a fight with a 4 match in 1st turn, i take it and then the ai would take my next 4 match, what follows (the animation starts). but she cancelled the action, then it was again my turn.

weird or a fair ai.

Same last night. Vs fire bomb team, very clear L-shaped match 5 on purple, first turn of the game. Completed the move correctly, still lost the turn.

When the battle starts, both player and AI have an arrow over their troops as if it were their turn. Eventually, the arrow disappears. My suspicion is that if you match 4+ gems before the AI arrow disappears, the script that checks for turn extension has not yet been activated. If people are running into this after the AI’s turn-indicator arrow has vanished, let me know — I’m just as happy to have my hypothesis disproven as I would be to be right.

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I lost a 4 match extra turn in invasion mode at tower level 139… Ya the AI then proceed cascading for days and killed 3 of my troops in one turn…

Thanks to the Arrow Tower…

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