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[More info needed] Missing extra turn on 4/5 match

Platform, device version and operating system:

Screenshot or image:

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
Getting an extra turn after matching 4 or 5 gems, but the turn passed to IA

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
It happens randomly, but we’ve seen it last week during GW

Steps to make it happen again
It seems to happen especially when facing goblins

This one?

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in one match yes, it was one of the opponents, but ice goblin hadn’t cast a single time. None of the players troops was freezed

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@madking sorry but I will need a screenshot from just after the 4-5 gem match to verify this one.
I’m not asking for it to be a pain honestly, we can’t reproduce this issue and the code looks fine so we need to see exactly what the game looked like at the time.

If it happens again grab a screenshot for me?

If you’re on a PC with Windows 10, I recommend utilizing the Game Bar. If you activate its background recording, you can save the last 30 seconds whenever you need to. It makes it easy to submit bug reports with proof, or check to see what happened.

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This is still a very real issue. I made a quad turn 1 in my paragon fight today against goblins and never got another move. And no I wasn’t frozen. I couldnt get a screenshot right after because the goblins were going berserk. It’s been happening since I started playing this game and you guys still seem to deny that the issue is happening. Play a few matches at Base camp and I am sure you will reproduce it for yourself. I don’t mind so much in general play but when it happens in wars it’s a different matter.

I play for hours every day on 4 different PC/mobile devices, during and outside work hours during the course of a normal day and I can’t reproduce this. We also have tested the hell out of it on all sorts of devices and can’t repro it that way either.

We need videos, of it happening, we have not received a single video of it actually happening, a video of it actually happening will show us at which step the game is breaking.

The code looks fine.

We have no problem admitting bugs and when we screw up and we are very transparent even if it takes us a long time to fix something we don’t try to hide it. This whole sub section of the forum and our Known Issues section on the Help Center are proof of that.

If we could find an issue with this it would be fixed - we can’t find an issue though, we are at the point where we’ve done EVERYTHING in our power to hunt this bug down. We do our best to pinpoint the cause and produce our own reproduction steps and evidence of bugs but in this case we’ve come up with nothing.

If you are having this issue consistently, we need video proof so we can see it happening and under exactly what circumstances. We’ve tried copying the teams and circumstances others have reported it under and we can’t make it happen that way either. We need to see it happen to you.