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4/5 matches with no extra turn fighting raid boss - (Not a bug)

I know that this is listed as a fixed issue, but it ain’t fixed :slight_smile:
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iOS, iPhone 6s

Screenshot or image— don’t have one, sorry

I was expecting to get an extra turn when I matched 4 or 5 gems/skulls, but it moved on to the enemy team’s turn instead.

I believed this happened during a few raid boss matches I played today. The last time I played one, it was around 10:57 and I missed my extra turn several times.

Well, I know it happens when I fight the Raid Boss…

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Are you sure your troops are not frozen?

Well, this is probably one of those time I’ve just been a complete idiot… bottom troop was frozen but the other three weren’t, stuff like that.

Okay so I just read the details of the “frozen” status effect, and it says that the frozen troop’s matches and spells no longer give extra turns. If my top troop wasn’t frozen, shouldn’t I still have received extra turns for my matches? Or not? I will go have to play another match or two and pay attention to that. Thanks for your help!

If an Yellow troop is frozen, then any 4/5 yellow match won’t give extra turns. It’s the same for each color of the frozen troop(s).

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Also worth noting if the first troop is frozen 4 or 5 skull matches are denied an extra turn too :kissing_heart:


Okay, that’s helpful. So I’m guessing that if I have two red troops, one frozen and one unfrozen, that I wouldn’t get extra turns for 4/5 red matches?

Exactly. :slightly_smiling_face:

That’s also helpful to know, and was also probably the case… I will definitely try to keep better track of these things. I didn’t think freezing was one of the status effects that blocked extra turns, but there I go thinking again :wink:

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Glad you got that sorted!

For more info check in here:

I will close this now so others are clear there are no issue when searching for similar problems. PM me if you need anything.

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