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[BUG] No extra turn when there should be an extra turn

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened?
I take a 4 or 5 match and should get an extra turn. Very rarely this doesn’t work.
What are the steps to make it happen again?
It seems to be, when there is a 3 match along with the the 4+ match. Game seems to count the 3 match but not other match.
Do you have any screenshots or video you want to share with us so we can see the problem? Attach them to your post!
I did a quick mockup of what it looked like last time it happened.


funny…I just opened a support ticket about similar happening to me in context with frozen troops. Here is a quote of my text:
"I experienced several times that if the opponent has frozen one of my troops the extra turn for me works very randomly. E.g. I have Humility, Famine, Abynissia (frozen) and make a match 4 with red I get an extra turn, the next turn I do a match 4 with yellow (only Aby at last spot frozen) and get no extra turn. I always thought that the color of the first frozen troop prevents the extra turn.
This happens in several other situations where I did not expect to miss the extra turn.
A short explanation of “frozen” would be fine, that I can understand and plan my next move in game more reliable. "
But I never had the idea that it could be a “miscount” as you described.

Frozen is very, very odd and I, too, am not absolutely sure how it works, but from what I know it’s basically safer to think of the complete color being frozen. If a troop uses yellow and blue, expect all yellow and blue extra turns to not happen, no matter how many other troops use those colors or where the troop is in the lineup.

I very faintly remember that it’s that way because the game isn’t able to really account for mana spilling from one troop being full and then onto the next and only freezing if the second troop is frozen, so it freezes just everything when it comes to that color.

But again… I might be wrong.

Frozen works just as you described. If one troop of that color is frozen, then that match doesn’t count as a new turn, even if there are other troops of the same color that are not frozen. That has always been like that.

In my case nobody was frozen.

I don’t know about Sphinx’s issue but with frozen, if a match 4+ is made from cascading gems in a color that isn’t frozen, you get your extra turn. That may be easy to miss at higher speeds though; I only play at 1x, so I don’t know how higher speeds look.

If you have “queen mab”, the opponent can lose his turn and freeze if he combines 4 or 5 colors.
In the opposite situation too.

I’m still running into this occasionally, including in GW today. It can really swing a game in the wrong direction. Freeze was not a factor at all in this match. Playing on PC at 4x speed.

I matched 3 to drop a brown gem into a 4x match I really didn’t need, but wanted to keep from my opponent. Then I didn’t get an extra turn and my opponent’s dwarves took out my Draakulis, who was loaded and ready to take out 3/4 of them (including the dwarf that killed him). Instead I ended up barely pulling out a win with just one troop left, and that was lucky.

This is a core rule of the game that should work EVERY TIME - if you match 4 or 5 gems and are not frozen, you get an extra turn.


Above represents Gems, Y for yellow, B for brown and so forth. I matched the 3x yellow to drop the brown gem in for a 4x match, then did not get an extra turn.


This happens quite often to me in Guild Wars. AI Cheats BUG!