Dungeon - 4 match sometimes does not give extra turn


I am 100% positive this time and I even saved the video from it, when I was just playing in the Dungeon against the 2nd Mini-Boss I know I did a 4 way match and yet I failed to get an extra turn.

Is there anything that happens that prevents me from getting an extra turn when I get a 4 match of gems?

BTW this caused me to loose the match-up and I’m not very happy about that.


Would be awesome if you could share the video somehow - I know the Devs would probably be interested, too, to better pinpoint the issue :slightly_smiling_face:.

Are you able to upload it to YouTube and share the link, perhaps?

N.B. The status effect ‘Frozen’ can prevent you from getting an extra turn, sometimes, if you aren’t familiar with that (don’t want to assume :man_shrugging:)


Thanks for the answer and I think it was a status effect “Frozen” but I know it’s happened before and I still don’t recall not getting the 4 match, extra turn taken away.

Perhaps because they one’s I was pitted against were Mythic then the status effect might have been more likely then if they were lower class?
IDK as I said this is all kind of new to me and it takes me some time to understand things, and as I stated in another post this game is a LOT more complicated than it first appears to be.


When you are frozen you don’t get the extra turn.


The player of a Frozen troop suffers the following three effects as long as the troop remains afflicted:

  1. Any 4+ match of any color of mana used by the Frozen troop will not result in an Extra Turn. This applies regardless of whether that troop acquired mana on the match.
  2. If the troop is the topmost remaining (“attacking”) troop, a 4+ match of skulls will not result in an Extra Turn.
  3. If the troop’s spell specifically grants an Extra Turn, this will not apply.

Specific notes:

  1. If a troop is Frozen on this turn by Bone Dragon, it will immediately forfeit the Extra Turn.
  2. If a Frozen troop’s spell manipulates the board to cause a 4+ match of gems that are not of the Frozen troop’s color, the Extra Turn will still be granted.
  3. Frozen wears off at an accumulating 10% chance per turn until a max of 10 turns. However, if a new status effect is applied to the troop, that counter resets to 10%.