[More info needed] No extra turn on 4-5 gem matches, no frozen troops

Steam, Windows 10 Pro OS

No screen shot but it happens every game and my guild mates also have the same issue happen.
My team is: +9 mountain Crusher, Goblin Shaman, Queen Beetrix, Queen Mab. All max accention, max levels, and max traits.

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
I was trying to match a 4 or 5 normal colored gem row and it was supposed to be an extra turn. The game didn’t register it as an extra turn and passed the turn to the AI’s team. This issue has also happened with the AI’s team as well.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
It began happening with this last update. It happens every game if not even multiple times per game.

Steps to make it happen again
just play a few games with my listed team and it’ll happen constantly. Doesn’t matter what type of game is played or where. it’ll happen.

Try recording your matches. I’ve had it happen where I made a different match than I intended—the one I wanted to make was a 5-match, but by chance there was a legal 3-match right next to it.

If you watch the replay you may notice something similar happening. And if you don’t see anything like that, you’ve already got the video ready to post here on the forum! :stuck_out_tongue:

I thought that was the issue as well at first, that i made a miss match. that is not the case because it happens EVERY match and with multiple matches happening at the same time on the screen and no extra turn.

Well, I’m fresh out of ideas. It’d help if you could get the recording of one of these things happening.

Is there a free program to use to record?
At first I thought it was me because I’ve been struck by lightening twice and my hands/fingers twitch randomly sometimes. But my guild mates are having this same issue as me and I’ve closely watched me making matches and no extra turn popping up.

Doesn’t Windows 10 have some built-in game recording? Haven’t tried it myself, I think you can access it through the Windows key + R.


I thought there was a Gems of War helpdesk article about this, but perhaps not…


Wow, never knew that existed. Thanks!


I wasn’t aware of this, either.


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Woah, woah, woah — I know this is completely off-topic, but HOW?

These are stories I have got to hear, if you’re willing to share (totally get it, if not :joy::sweat_smile:)


Totally understand the curiosity. Here’s the first time:
I was 5 or 6 (can’t remember exactly how old I was due to one of the lightning strikes, but I’ll get into the issues that have come about because of being struck later) and sitting on my grandfathers lap. We were on the front porch watching a storm and rain in the distance. I can remember the sound of sizzling/popping, being blinded by a bright light, and immense pain. The next memory I have is waking up in a hospital bed. My parents told me that they found me 5 blocks away laying in someone’s yard with no scratches, no bruises, or any apparent injury and my grandfather was blown through the stand up side window by the front door into the house. He was ok other than some cuts due to glass. The rocking chair… well, it basically ceased to exist other than some splinters here and there imbedded into the brick wall of the house and the concrete porch we were on. Yes, imbedded into the concrete :sweat_smile:
Second time:
I was walking my happy ass to class in college and was on a sidewalk. I did have some trauma/PTSD about storms but by this time I had mainly gotten over it (I did graduate high school 2 years early and middle school 1 year early, so I must have been around 15-16 years old at this time). So, I was walking to class and it was lightly raining with no lightning or thunder. I thought I was good to go… :expressionless: The things that I remember right before being struck again are as such: the feeling of something tugging on the hair on my arms and me looking at the hair standing on end on my arm, immense pain yet again but it felt like it was coursing throughout my body as a fluid in my veins, complete blackness and deafness but aware that I was awake. Next thing I knew was me waking up in a hospital bed yet again. I couldn’t remember who I was or what I was doing for over a month after that last strike. It seems some faculty saw what happened to me and took me to the hospital… the only issue was, that I was thrown on top of a dorm roof when I was struck and it took them over an hour to get to me. The faculty said that the roof door was locked and that no one could find a key to open it for an hour. When I was struck this time a few weird things happened to my clothes and body (the best guess from the doctor is that everything weird is due to the rain). My shoes melted to the sidewalk I was on, my shirt had scorch marks that looked like wood burning with electricity (google it because it looks cool), my pants/underware exploded into a fluffy mess, and all of the hair in every pore on my body exploded out of their follicle because the heat boiled the water in the follicle, the steam had to go somewhere, and instant waxed my entire body all at once (I was completely hairless everywhere for over 2 years after that, think the powder movie).
Ok, so you can’t get struck by lightning and not have issues arise because of it. Here are the issues that have happened to me:
-Face blindness, I cannot see/remember my wife’s, children’s, relatives, friends faces. I have to memorize people by their smell, profile (a persons outline), gait (how they walk), or their voice.
-Synesthesia, I now can see colors attached to sounds. Music looks like paintings to me (trance is my favorite because of no vocals, vocals just sound like a grabbled mess to me)
-Time discrepancies, I cannot differentiate if I have know a person for a few hours/days/years. I can remember things from my past as if it has just happened (this made school stupid easy for me but personal relationships a nightmare). My memories are like watching a movie and being the main character every time. I can have mood swings all over the place depending on what I’m thinking about at that time. It’s much better now that I’m 37 and have learned how to deal with it.

  • All of the cartilage in my body melted away… spine, knee’s, everything. I now have nerve issues due to my vertebrae floating and moving around constantly. I have to do intense physical therapy every day to keep my muscles strong to then keep my bones in place (I’m Fing ripped because I have to be to stay alive). :grin:
    -Fibromyalgia with every nerve/part in/of my body. It sucks, like really really sucks. I won’t take pain pills so I live in a constant 6-8 pain scale every moment of my life. I have started to learn how to “turn off” feeling nerves through meditation because it is such an issue. That helps a lot and I can keep that state of mind and still function through my daily life.
    -Cold intolerance because of my fried nerve endings on my skin and the Fibromyalgia. I walk outside when it’s -20 in shorts, t-shirt, and flipflops. My wife yanks me inside telling me to wear a coat and to change into long clothes. I want to move to Florida so that I wont have those issues anymore or to freeze without knowing it.
    -My fingers and other parts of my body randomly twitch here and there. It’s not bad just annoying when typing and the like.
    -I can’t spell to save my life. Duno why this happened but I’m atrocious at spelling. I’ve had to google so many words to spell them while writing this.
    There’s probably more issues that I can’t even think of right now because I have either worked through them or don’t feel that they are an issue anymore.
    It’s a lot but I have a great sense of humor and it makes me chuckle when I think about how horrible my luck is… or is it because I’m still alive. Many people are not alive after they have been struck even once.


This is still a problem and I haave not heard from any mediator.

Short version:
You’ll have to provide some video footage.

Long version:
What you describe doesn’t remotely match observed game behavior. Other players don’t miss out on extra turns in every one of their games, the outrage would be huge. Without seeing what you are doing this will be next to impossible to diagnose.


When I do have a video capture of the issue happening, do I just use the “upload” button and post it to this thread? Or should it be submitted to a different thread?

You should put it here. You may not be allowed to upload videos, though; maybe try YouTube or Imgur in that case. I forget what file formats are accepted for attachments.

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Maybe do the YouTube thing and link the address to a post?

Also, I’ve noticed it was happening every game while I was doing the Pet Rescue event, but now it is intermittent.

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Amazing story, thanks for sharing! I wish you all the best in the future, you are a miracle!


Thanks Ter,
Now if only I could win the dang lottery. :upside_down_face:

Life’s been one hell of a ride for me. Never a dull moment to say the least.

I usually convert videos to gifs to post on the forums. There’s a file limit size which can be restrictive, so for anything longer than a few seconds a third party like YouTube is best.

As others have said, a video is needed. Sorry. :frowning: None of us can replicate this behavior.


Hey just confirming what others have said: If you can get a video please upload it to youtube and link here for us as we can’t reproduce the issue and the other videos sent so far either show frozen troops/exploded gems before they matched (which is working as intended) or were related to a super old Skeleton Key issue which was fixed a long time ago when reported here on the forum.