[More info needed] No extra turn on 4-5 gem matches, no frozen troops

It now only happens during the pet rescue event for me and infrequently. I don’t know what changed but it’s really weird that it was happening all of the time before and a few days later it is now sequestered to a specific event/area and infrequent.

I haven’t had a pet rescue event pop up for awhile, but when it does I’ll video it and try to load it to YouTube.

On a side note, I did change out that +9 mountain hammer for the troll that doubles the green gems on the board. Maybe that helped?

There’s a pet rescue every Wednesday, so try to get a video next Wed.

I think there is something you’re missing (frozen? matching the wrong gem?). Sorry, none of us can help before that video.

Imagine being told to post a video to fix a bug that will be ignored. It will be added to some arbitrary list while they drool their way through trying to fix this lycanthropy debacle.

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Like @Kafka said, every time someone has said a four gem match didnt result in an extra turn, it was intentional. Maybe they were frozen for example.

Is it possible that this is a bug and not a mechanic? Definitely. A video will show one way or another. It seems no one can reproduce this bug. So, until that video is in, what can the devs do?


I can’t prove it but I swear to God it sometimes happens to me too, and happens to the AI too.
It is just a strange feeling like when you anticipate something and it doesn’t happens.
I make a four or five match and no extra turn. I am fairly sure it happens only on 4 matches or mostly on four matches.
Same thing with the AI, I see I gave it a 4/5 match and it goes for it and suddenly, my turn.

As I wrote this post an idea popped up in my head. As I now you can’t get mana surge from a 4 of a kind match. Maybe something goes wrong when the mana surge prevention code runs.

You can’t get Mana Surges from 4-matches. It’s only 3 and 5+ matches:

Normally, if you match 3 Gems the 3 Mana received goes to the first Troop in your Team or matching 5 Gems nets 5 Mana. With a manage Surge, instead of 5 Mana, you would receive 10.
NOTE: For balancing reasons you cannot get a Mana Surge on 4 Gem Matches.

From https://gemsofwar.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/216539123-Mana-Gem-Mastery-and-Mana-Surge

Good to know about the pet rescue.

Even if one of my troops were to be frozen, the queen bee’s royal honey (last trait) would remove the frozen status and I would still get my extra turn. The only way that wouldn’t work is if my queen bee was stunned (which it has not been). Thanks for looking out though.

I haven’t noticed any weird no extra turns (which baffles me because it was a constant issue before) other than my last pet rescue. Sadly that was before I knew about the video capturing software in Windows 10. I will record my pet rescues and look out for that missing extra turns issue that I experienced before.

My most common source of unintentional gem matches is this not-a-bug: {FINALLY ON FILM! NOT A BUG (lol) BUT REPORTED] Caught the (a) match-4 bug on video

Maybe that’s what’s been happening to you.


I have had this same thing happen now that I have been recording and watching my gameplay. It is most infuriating when it happens but the issue I was having was constantly happening every game and multiple times per game. The gem moving the wrong direction has happened once every few days I have noticed.

I’m waiting for the pet rescue event and if the same issue I was having before doesn’t happen, then I’ll chalk it up to being fixed by changing out my hero for the green troll troop.