[Fixed in 5.0] Visual damage bug with reflect

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What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:

The bug appears to be purely visual but it shows you taking damage from the reflect when the opponent takes it.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?

Noticed recently but easily recreated it seems.

Steps to make it happen again

After the opponent loses at least 1 troop, the reflect damage to any other is shown visually on your side. Used only Reflection of Good as the reflector and multiple attackers and defenders.

A few things tested and other notes.

  • It never happened with 4 opposing troops. Not saying it cant. Just that we couldn’t make it.
  • We always used Reflection of Good. May test more later with something else.
  • Multiple troops caused it among the defenders with a variety of spells and traits.
  • We were getting it consistently when the above criteria was met.
  • Visual damage appeared somewhat randomly though not over any existing damaged troop.

Not a huge deal but in GW my alliance thought we were potentially losing points from this. We didnt realize it was only visual so several of us got together to track down what we could.


Some additional info.

It appears any slot can cause it, not necessarily requiring a death, we just didnt notice it from first slot since it applies the visual bug on the troop directly across from the damage dealer and that is what we used reflect on. If it damages the troop directly across the bug doesnt appear.

It also doesnt require the weapon reflection of good. Any reflect causes it.


oh wow that’s an interesting one thanks for the thorough bug report and videos Redi!

I’ve reported it to the team.

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