[Investigating] Stuck when enemy is attacking

PC, windows 10, 4.7

When I play and the enemy is going to attack, it gets stuck in this position and the only way it will disappear is by killing it.

This has happened 4-5 times

It started when I updated the game. I have also tried to uninstall and reinstall it

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Hey @TheMother,

Can you recall if your troop that was targetted had the reflect status effect on?

I’ve been seeing this under those conditions, sometimes with the enemy troop getting bugged almost directly under my own troop so I thought I had won!

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I had this happen to me today during a pet rescue. All 4 of my troops had reflect, granted by Luna.

I’m glad I saw this post earlier today to pay attention to what status effects were active.

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Yes! The same for me!

Everytime reflect is on this happend! Thanks for your replies
I’m glad it’s not only me this happend to

Have a lovely x-mas // The Mother

We had an old issue like this which was fixed, I’ll go see if I can find and revive the report for the team.


Hi @Kafka.

Can you provide an update on this issue please? I was playing delve pure faction 500 in mirrored hall and every time i was skulled my last troop (which had reflect) was taking damage when my first slot had also reflect.
it happened twice as well so must be easy to spot. Thanks